Predictions Group C World Cup 2018 Russia

During the World Cup football 2018 in Russia we are going to analyse every game. And we are also going to give away a few interesting betting tips. We are giving you match betting tips, group betting tips and outright tournament tips. If you want you can use our predictions and betting tips. We recommend you to use the tips at reliable betting websites. At the right side of this page you find our betting partners. At the betting websites you find on our website you get the best odds and a great player experience. Before you use the tips we have to tell you that we cannot guarantee you any winnings. We try to predict the games as good as possible but there is never a 100% guarantee. On this page you finf the predictions group C world cup 2018 in Russia.

Group C starts with a game between France and Australia in Kazan. This game is scheduled on Saturday 15th june at 12:00 CET. Later that day Denmark plays against Peru in Saransk. Below you find a full prediction and some betting tips of both games. We add new tips and predictions every few days. And if you want to place a bet on one of the games you can join BetVictor or Bethard. We have partnered up with Both betting websites for this World Cup.

predictions group c world cup 2018 russia betting tips

Standings Group C

During round one France played Australia and Denmark played Peru. France won 2-1 from Australia because of one penalty and one late goal. Because of this they claimed three points. Denmark also won because of a goal by Poulsen in the 59th minute. Both France and Denmark have three points. Peru and Australia will try to collect first their points during the second match.

During round two Denmark played against Australia and France played against Peru. The Danish squad played 1-1 against Australia. The French squad won their second match with a 1-0 victory over Peru. France will continue the last 16 round and Denmark and Australia will battle for the second place. For Peru the tournament is over after the group stage.

During round three Australia won from Peru (0-2). Denmark played France and they played 0-0. Because of this both France and Denmark are through to the next round. Peru and Australia are out of the tournament.


Everything you need to know about group C

If we have a closer look at Group C, we see a few interesting things. France is one of the favorites to win this tournament. They have one of the best squads of all contenders. France faces Denmark, Peru and Australia. Australia is under dog because nobody thinks that the Socceroos can qualify for the second round. But maybe their fighting spirit can get them some results. Denmark is a team with young and very talented players. They have a collective team with a great spirit. They simply qualified for the World Cup and they are in a good form. Peru is one of the countries that ended above Argentina in their World Cup qualifying group. I think Peru will compete with Denmark for second place in this group C.

All games in this group are played in different stadiums in different cities. Group C plays their games in the following cities: Kazan, Saransk, Ekatarinburg, Samara, Moscow and Sochi. All teams have to cope with some travelling between the games. Russia is a big country and travelling is one thing the teams need to get used to. Players from Australia and Peru are used to travel long distances. So maybe this can be their advantage.

The teams in group C – France, Australia, Peru and Denmark

Upfront France and Denmark are favorites to qualify for the next round. But I think Peru is a big competitor for Denmark for 2nd place in group C. Peru won 4 of the last 6 games. And they haven’t lost in their last 8 games. It looks like Peru is in a good form at the moment. Denmark has a very strong squad with young players. Their players are playing in the bigger competitions in Europe. They have a few key players who had an amazing season. Cristian Eriksen is one of those players. Denmark has a vital game against Peru. The team that gets a result from that game will qualify for the second round.

For me France is the team that will end first in group C. They have such an amazing squad. The team has players like Mbappe, Ribery, Griezmann, Fakir, Loris and Pogba. All these players play in the best teams in Europe. World-Class is the best word for this squad. Australia are probably the team with the worst squad in this group. But Australia has an amazing team spirit. Their first game against France is important. A good result can lift their spirit. And when they get a result against France they have to easier games left (on paper).

I predict France, Denmark, Peru, Australia

predictions group c denkmark france australia peru

Predictions group C – Group results and goalscorers

First place in this group is pretty easy to predict. France has the best squad and when the get the team spirit in the right direction they will win this group win 3 wins and 9 points. It is much harder to predict the second place in this group because all 3 teams have a chance. Key games in this group are the games between Peru – Denmark and Peru – Australia. Everybody wants to know the form of Peru. They had a bad qualification but their recent results are pretty good. On paper Denmark is the second best team in this group. A good result in their first game against Peru will lift their chances. A win in this first game will get them in pole position.

Denmark is lucky because they play against France in their last game of group C. Before that game France will already be qualified for the second round. Maybe their coah makes some changes to his first 11 players. This is a big chance to get a result for Denmark. Peru and Australia must get results in their first 2 games else they will be out of the tournament early.

Tip: Denmark will beat France in the third group game

Our group C predictions and the betting odds at Bethard

  1. France – Odds for group winner – 1.32   Bet now!
  2. Denmark – Odds for Denmark to Qualify – 1.86   Bet now!
  3. Peru – Odds for Peru to qualify 2.50
  4. Australia

At what stage will the teams from group C be eliminated?

We predict France as winners of group C. After their group they will play against Argentina or Croatia. This is going to be a vital game for France. When they win this game they will get through to at least the semi finals. Denmark will be eliminated in the second round when they play against Argentina or Croatia. Denmark is a solid team but they are not strong enough to beat the teams from group D.

Betting tips for elimination stage teams from group C

  • France will be eliminated in the semi finals – Odds 5.00
  • Denmark will be eliminated in the second round – Odds 2.60


Bet on group C

Matches in group C – our predictions – The best odds

In group C the 4 teams will play 6 matches in 6 different stadiums. France is favorite to win this group. We expect a tight finish for second place between Denmark and Peru. Both teams are in form and can beat their competitors. All teams face a lot of travelling during the group stage because the stadiums are far away from eachother. Who will cope best with this travelling? And can france cope with the role of favorites. Denmark has a better team spirit than France. But France has much better players. I am looking forward to the game between Denmark and Peru because that is going to be the key game in group C.

Below you find our full predictions and betting tips for all games in this group. Every week we add new predictions. after the first 2 games are finished we add the predictions for the upcoming two games. You can use the betting tips to increase your winning chances.

Denmark – France – 26th June – Moscow – 16:00 CET (Result 0-0)

denmark france best betting tips world cup

France are favorites in this game. But they are already qualified. So france could play this game with a few different players. Denmark needs a result from the game because Australia can still grab them for the second place in this group. And when Denmark wins against France they will be first in the group. A draw for France will get them the first place and a game against the number 2 from group D. A big chance that number 2 in this group will be Argentina. So a heavy game is waiting for number 2 in this group.

France is the better team and I don’t see them losing against Denmark. Denmark will try to keep the match on a draw and france will also be happy with a draw. So this game will probably end in 0-0 or 1-1.

Bet on Denmark – France

A very interesting game to bet on because both teams will be happy with a draw. Will they make a gentlemans agreement and finish the game with a draw? After a draw both teams will be qualified for the next round. And Denmark will have to play against Croatia in the second round. Place your bets at one of our reliable betting partners.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Denmark – France

Exact score 1-1 – Odds 6.10
Exact score 0-0 – Odds 5.90
Draw – Odds 2.55

Our score prediction – 0-0 (draw at half time and full time)

Bet on this Match!

Result Denmark – France (0-0)

This game had a draw written all over it. Both teams needed a draw to secure qualification for the next round. And everybody thought it would be a 0-0 draw and in the end it was a 0-0 draw. Perfect for our bets and for the winnings. We won all our bets. There is not a lot to write about this game because there where no goals and neither of the teams created chances.

Denmark – France 0-0


Australia – Peru – 26th June – Sochi – 16:00 CET (Result 0-2)

australia peru best betting tips world cup

This could be an important game for Australia when results in the other game go their way. When France manages to beat Denmark Australia can still qualify for the second round. Australia needs a win and they have to score a few goals to get a better goal difference than Denmark. Peru is already eliminated from the tournament. They played a few decent games but they couldn’t score any goals. And when you want to qualify for the next round at a World Cup you need to score some goals.

I can see Australia win this game but I think the final score will be a draw. Bith teams are not really goal scoring teams. Australia must win and that could give Peru some space to score. A win for Peru will give them an exit with 3 points. I think this game will end 0-0 or 0-1 for Peru.

Bet on Australia – Peru

An interesting game to bet on because Australia must win! And a team that must win will give away space to the opponent. So Peru can profit from this space and upset the Australian defence. At Bethard you have a few interesting odds on a draw and a win for Peru.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Australia – Peru

Draw – Odds 3.20
Peru to win 0-1 – Odds 8.00
Draw at half time and Peru to win – Odds 5.45
Jedinak to score first (Penalty) – Odds 12.00

Our score prediction – 0-1 Peru (Draw at half time)

Bet on this Match!

Result Australia – Peru (0-2 Peru)

Australia needed a win to have at least a chance of qualification. Peru was already out and they could only safe their tournament with a win. Peru was the much better team and they managed to score a nice goal in the 18th minute. After that is was game over for Australia because they didn’t create any chances. A few minutes after half time Guerrero doubled the Peru lead and now it was 100% game over for Australia. A decent last game from Peru and they ended third in this group. One place above Australia that ended fourth and last in the group.

We didn’t won any of our bets this game because Peru made a second goal.

Australia – Peru 0-2
18′ Andre Carrillo 0-1
50′ Paolo Guerrero 0-2


Results in group C and results of our bets

Below you find all the information of games that are finished in Group C. Check out a short summary and have a look at the betting results. Every game we place a few bets and here you can read how our bets went. You can see if we predict a lot of good bets and decide to use our future bets to increase your winning chances.

Denmark – Australia – 21st June – Samara – 14:00 CET (Result 1-1)

denmark australia predictions best betting tips world cup

In the second game Denmark plays against Australia in Samara. For Australia this is the most important game in the group because they have to compete with denmark for the 2nd place in this group. Denmark already has 3 points after they won 1-0 against Peru. Australia played a very organised game against France. France couldn’t impress during this game and Australia gave everything they had. france won the game because of a VAR decision. Denmark played strong against a good Peru. They forced a goal in the second half and didn’t conceed because Kasper Schmeichel was very strong and unbeatable in the Danish goal.

In this game Australia needs to attack more than they did in their game against France. In their first game they focused on defending and collecting a draw. But a draw against Denmark is not enough for Australia. They need a win to stay in the run for a 2nd round qualification. Denmark can qualify for the second round when they win against Australia.

I predict an attacking Australia and a defending Denmark. Denmark will focus on the counter attack. And they hope to score one or two goals from a quick counter attack.

Bet on Denmark – Australia

This game is very interesting for online betting because there are good odds available. Open your betting account at a betting website and deposit some money. Or login to your excisting account and open Denmark – Australia. If you want a few free bets we recommend you to join a new betting website. Deposit a bit of money and double your money. You find the best betting websites at top right side of this website.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Denmark – Australia

Denmark to win 1-0 – Odds 5.95
Denmark to score in second half – Odds 4.60
Eriksen to score first goal – Odds 7.00
Draw – Odds 3.30 (side bet because of the great odds)

Our score prediction – 1-0 Denmark (Eriksen free kick)

Bet on this Match!

Result Denmark – Australia (1-1)

In Samara there was an important game for Australia. Australia lost their first game against France had they had to get a result against Denmark. Denmark already collected 3 points against Peru. The match started pretty good for Denmark. After 7 minutes Schone got forward and passed the ball to Jorgensen. With a nice touch Jorgensen passed the ball to Christian Eriksen. Eriksen hit the ball perfectly and the ball went passed the goal keeper in the top of the goal. After 7 minutes Australia was 1-0 down. Australia now had to go in full attack because they needed at least one point from this game.

After 37 minutes there was a corner kick and Poulsen hit the ball with his hand in the box. The referee didn’t see it but the Video Assistance referee over ruled the decision and Australia received a penalty kick. In the 38th minute M. Jedinak scored his second penalty this tournament. The score was 1-1 at half time.

After half time nothing happened. Australia was the better team but they didn’t manage to score a vital 2-1. Two players of Denmark (Poulsen and Sisto) received a yello card from the referee. The game ended 1-1 and we won 2 of the bets.The best bet was Eriksen to score the first goal. The other bet was the side bet. We predicted a draw and got 3.3 times our bet.

Denmark – Australia 1-1
7′ C. Eriksen 1-0
38′ M. Jedinak (pen)  1-1


France – Peru – 21st June – Ekaterinburg – 17:00 CET (Result 1-0)

france peru predictions best betting tips world cup

In Ekaterinburg france plays against Peru in their second group game. A vital game for Peru. Peru lost their first game against Denmark. They played a very good game but they missed a penalty and a few big chances to score. Denmark had a good goalkeeper who kept a clean sheet. France is one of the favorites to win this World Cup but they did not convince in their first game. In their first game the tactics of france where weak and there was not enough pressure forwards. Australia could hold on to the French rater easy. A controversial penalty kick gave France the lead. But within a few minutes they conceeded a goal from Australia.

France doesn’t look like a favorite after their first game and Peru played a good game against Denmark. Can Peru play a great game? That is exactly what they need to win against France. France must play better this game else they could drop some points against Peru. The first half will be an open game and I think none of the teams will score. In the second half France will open the score and at the end of the game they score a second to seal the game and take the three points. Griezmann will score one of the two goals.

Bet on France – Peru

At our preferred betting partners offer a few interesting odds for France – Peru. When you join Bethard we double your first real money deposit. So you have twice as much money as you deposited. You can now place extra bets or you can place bets with a higher stake. We found a few interesting bets for France – Peru.

Interesting bets and the Odds for France – Peru

France to win 2-0 – Odds 7.25
Draw half time, France to win – Odds 4.15
Griezmann to score the first goal – Odds 5.00
France to win by 3 goals – Odds 7.75

Our score prediction – 2-0 France (Griezmann to score)

Bet on this Match!

Result France – Peru (1-0 France)

Another win for France in this group. But yet another dissapointing display from the French team. Peru played a lot better in a big part of the game. The French are one of the favorites to win this tournament but at the moment they don’t play like favorites. Only one goal made the difference in this game. A nice touch from Giroux was tipped in by Mbappe 1-0 France. Peru tried to get the best out of the game. They had a few chances but they couldn’t beat Lloris.

After 90 minutes France had another win and 3 points. They are qialified for the next round and have a big chance of finishing this group at the first place. The referee booked 4 players. Two french players (Matuidi and Pogba) received a yellow card and 2 players from Peru where booked (Guerrero and Aquino). After this second game Peru is out of the tournament with 0 points.

We lost all our bets on this game. And we lost a total of €40 during this game.

France – Peru 1-0
34′ K. Mbappe 1-0


France – Australia – 16th June – Kazan – 12:00 CET (Result 2-1)

france australia predictions betting tips group C

An early morning game for France and Australia. On saturday 16th june these two teams play their first group game in Kazan. The Kazan Arena has a 45.000 capacity. The stadium is sold out because loads of Australian supporters are going to support their team. I hope the Australian supports have a positive influence on their team because France is the much better team on paper. France has probably one of the best squads in this tournament. france has players like Pogba, Mbappe and Griezmann. Australia has players that are not playing in the best teams in Europe.

We predict an easy win for France. France will win this game with at least a 2 goal difference. We predict a 2-0 or 3-0 result and goals from Mbappe and Griezmann. This game is an amazing game for online betting. There is a lot to predict and a lot of interesting opportunities.

Bet on France – Australia

If you have an account at a betting website you can use our tips to bet at that website. When you never placed an online bet before we recommend you to join one of our betting partners. LVBet or 10Bet. Register a free account and transfer some money to the website. With the welcome bonus you can collect a free bets. LVBet gives you a €5 free bet when you join their website.

Interesting bets and the Odds for France – Australia

France to win 3-0 – Odds 7.00
France to win with 2-0 – Odds 5.60
Griezmann to score the first goal – Odds 4.20
France to win by 3 goals – Odds 5.00

Our score prediction – 3-0 France

Bet on this Match!

Result France – Australia (2-1 France)

France started as one of the favorites at this tournament. But after the game against Australia this thought may be a bit tempered. France played a bad game against a well organised Australia. Bert van Marwijk started with a good defending strategy against France. This strategy worked out fine. A controversial penalty gave France the lead. The VAR (Video Assistant Referee) saw a foul on Griezmann when the referee did not see it. Griezmann scored the goal and made it 1-0 for France. For us this was a great goal because we predicted Griezmann to score the first goal. A winning bet.

After 62 minutes France defender made a hand ball and Australia got a penalty. Mile Jedinak scored the penalty and the score was level again. france started with attacking because the wanted to force a win. In the 81st minute Aziz Behich scored an unlucky own goal which gave France the 3 points against Australia. A good game by Australia but 0 points at the end of the match.

We only won money on our Griezmann bet. The other bets where lost because we didn’t thought Australia would score a goal.

France – Australia 2-1
58′ Antoine Griezmann 1-0
62′ Mile Jedinak 1-1
81′ Aziz Behich (og) 2-1


Peru – Denmark – 16th june – Saransk – 18:00 CET (Result 0-1)

peru denmark predictions betting tips group c world cup russia

Peru and Denmark play a vital game in Saransk on the 16th of june. In the Mordovia Arena, with a capacity of 44.000, this is a key game in group C. Denmark and Peru have to compete each other for second place in this group. France will win the group, which means Denmark and Peru have to focus on second spot. Both teams are in a good form. Both Denmark and Peru had a few good results in their friendly games before the tournament. Peru had a bad qualification and ended 5th in the South American qualification group. Denmark will get a lot of support from their supporters. A lot of Danish people are travelling to Saransk to see their team playing at the World Cup.

An in-form Christian Eriksen can make the difference in this game. When he plays as good as he played against Ireland in the play off for the world cup he can make the difference. Peru had a great run of games before this world cup. They haven’t lost in their last 6 games. Their team spirit must be very high at the moment.

At the end I think Denmark will make the difference in this game and will beat Peru with only a one goal difference. Both teams will score and a free kick or a solid pass from Eriksen will seal this game.

Bet on Peru – Denmark

we made a deal with Bethard and RedBet. At both online betting websites you receive 100% free play money when you make a first deposit. Bethard doubles your first deposit up to a maximum of €125. That means you can deposit €50 and bet €100 on Peru – Denmark. A free chance to place a few extra bets during this game. When you want to place a bet, you can click the “Bet on this match” buton below. Now I am going to give you a few interesting betting tips for Peru angainst Denmark. The odds for this game are very high because it is going to be a tight game between two equal teams.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Peru – Denmark

Denmark to win – Odds 2.50
2-1 Denmark – Odds 10.50
Draw at half time and Denmark to win – Odds 5.25
Over 2.5 goals – Odds 2.35
Christian Eriksen to score – Odds 7.25

Our score prediction – 1-2 Denmark (Eriksen to score)

Bet on this Match!

Result Peru – Denmark (0-1 Denmark)

In Saransk Peru started the game in full convidence. They started with good football and they created a lot of chances. Denmark had to defend and Schmeichel had to make a lot of saves on his goal line. He did a great job and kept his goal cleen till the 44th minute. In the 44th Minute Peru got a penalty after the referee was notified by the VAR. Poulsen made a foul and Cueva could make it 1-0 for Peru. But Cuave shot the ball 3 meters over the goal. The first half ended with 0-0.

After the break denmark started much better and they started to play very good. Eriksen and Poulsen where the creative players for Denmark. After 15 minutes Poulsen received the ball and came one on one with the goal keeper. He scored in the left corner and Denmark was 1-0 up. After this goal Peru started attacking again but they couldn’t score a goal because Kasper Schmeichel was unbeatable today. The referee gave 3 players a yellow card. 2 for Denmark (Delaney, Poulsen) and 1 for Peru (Tapia)

A nice win for Denmark and few nice wins for us. We predicted Draw at half time and Denmark to win. We bet €10 on it and won €52.50. And we had a bet on Denmark to win. Another nice win with 2.5 times our bet amount. We lost the other bets.

Peru – Denmark 0-1
45′ Christian Cueva (missed penalty)
59′ Yussuf Poulsen 0-1

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