Predictions Group B World Cup 2018 Russia

We are going to analyse every game at the World Cup 2018 in Russia. Before every game you find a prediction and some betting tips on our website. In total there are 64 matches during the World Cup. If you want you can use our predictions for betting. We will never guarantee you any winnings but we can help you increase your winning chances. During a World Cup online betting is very popular because it makes the event more exciting. When you place a bet on a game it is much more fun and exciting to watch that particular game. I am from the Netherlands and we are not qualified for this event. Betting on matches makes my event a bit more fun and the games more exciting. On this page I am going to give you predictions for Group B during the World Cup in Russia.

This group starts on Friday 15th june in St Petersburg with the game between Morocco and Iran and later that day an amazing game between Spain and Portugal is scheduled in Sochi. If you want predictions and betting tips for group B and all the games in this group you must keep an eye on this page. Every few days we add new predictions and tips. We partnered up with Bethard Sports Betting to give you the best odds. You are free to use our betting tips.

predictions group B world cup 2018 russia betting tips

Standings Group B

During round one Iran surprisingly won from Morocco (1-0). Portugal got a draw against Spain in a very exciting match (3-3). During the second match Spain won from Iran and Portugal won from Morocco. Because of this two teams have four point and one team has three points. Next match will be deciding for which teams will continue to the last 16 round.

Spain and Portugal will continue after a very exciting last match. Morocco and Iran are both out of the tournament.


Important information group B World Cup 2018 Russia

when we look at Group B we find a few interesting teams. One of the favorites is Portugal. Portugal is current European Champion and they have a decent squad. They face Spain, Iran and Morocco in their group. The most interesting match in this group is the game between Spain and Portugal because they are rivals. And both teams are favorites to reach the semi finals of the tournament. Morocco is an outsider. They have a team full of young talented players. Morocco is in form because they won the African Cup of Nations this year.

The games in Group B are played in Sochi, St Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Kalinigrad and Saransk. Every game in group B is played in a different city and stadium. That means the teams in this group have a lot of travelling during the group stage. In Russia the distances between cities and stadium can be very far. So this is important information to keep an eye on when you want to place bets. Travelling is most of the times not positive for results.

The teams in group B – Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Iran

Portugal and Spain are favorites in this group. Morocco can be an outsider when everything comes together with the young talented players in their squad. Portugal and Spain are also 2 teams with good recent results. They had an easy qualification round before the tournament. And they won most of their friendly matches before the start of the tournament. I think Spain has a better squad but the team has some internal issues. Today the coach got sacked and now they don’t have a coah for the world cup. Their coach signed a contract at Real Madrid before the tournament and the Spain Football association did not like this. 2 Days before the tournament they sacked Lopetegui.

Portugal has a strong squad and they have a huge team spirit. I think the Portuguese team spirit could make the difference in this group. Spain has players from Real Madrid and Barcelona and that is a political and sportive problem at the moment. Maybe Morocco can surprise their nation and other people in the world. They have a great squad with young players. All their players are talented but they have a lack of experience. when these youngsters get the vibe they can surprise. Iran is on paper the worst team in this group. And I think they will end last in the group.

In this group the games between Spain and Morocco and Morocco and Portgual are going to be the key games. When Morocco can get a result from one of those games they may finish 2nd in group B.

teams group b world cup russia 2018 spain portugal morocco iran

Predictions group B – Final group results

This is one of the hardest groups to predict because of the latest stuff going on in the Spanish team. they start the tournament without a head coah. And they start against their biggest contender Portugal. Portugal is a decent team and they will get through to the seond round. The second place in this group will be decided by Spain and Morocco. Iran will probably end last in this though group B. I predict that Iran will not get any points in this group. With a bit of luck and team spirit Morocco can beat Spain and qualify for the second round.

We predict a simple group stage for Uruguay. They will probably win 2 or 3 games during the group matches. They will finish first before Egypt. Egypt has a strong squad and I think they can surprise the hosts Russia. Russia has the presure of the home crowd and the full nation watching them. With their recent results they don’t have a lot of faith in a good result. Russia will end third in this group and Saudia Arabia will finish 4th with 0 or 1 point.

Tip: Bet on Morocco to reach the second round and receive 4 times your bet amount.

Our predictions of Group B and the best Odds at Bethard

  1. Portugal – Odds for group winner – 3.00   Bet now!
  2. Morocco – Odds for Egypt to Qualify – 4,00   Bet now!
  3. Spain
  4. Iran

How far will the teams in group B reach in Russia?

In our predictions Portugal and Morocco will qualify for the second round. In the next round they can play against Uruguay, Egypt or Russia from group A. Portugal will win this game and Morocco will loose this game. This means Morocco will be eliminated in the second round and Portugal will at least reach the Quarter finals. Portugal is a stable team but I don’t think they will reach the semi finals.

When you bet on Morocco to be eliminated in the second round you receive 6.00 times your bet amount. This is a super interesting bet because the odds are very high. When you bet on Portugal to be eliminated in the Quarter finals you receive 3.50 times your bet amount.

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Matches in group B – our predictions – The best odds

Group B has 6 matches and all matches are played in different cities and stadiums. We are looking forward to the match between Portugal and Spain on the 15th of june. Every team in this group has to travel a lot between their games. This could affect the results. Spain has some problems with a new coach and Morocco is a team full of youngsters. Who will get the best results in this group. Below you find our prediction for each game in this group. We start with the first two games. After those games are finished we add the predictions for the next two games.

Spain – Morocco – 25th June – Kalinigrad – 20:00 CET (Result 2-2)

spain morocco best betting tips world cup

For Spain an important game because they need at least 1 point to qualify for the second round. Morocco is already out of the tournament with 2 losses. Spain must beat Morocco if they want to finish first in this group. At the moment they are equal with Portugal. their goal difference is also the same. Spain is top of the group now because they have a better place in the fair play table. So for Spain it is important to win the game with a many goals as possible and to get as less bookings as possible.

Morocco want to leave the tournament with a good result. They will start attacking from the start to get a result. This is perfect for spain because they can use the spaces between the defenders and midfielders to counter attack. I think Spain will win this game easily and they will score 2 or more goals.

Bet on Spain – Morocco

Interesting bets and the Odds for Spain – Morocco

Spain to win with 2 goals or more – Odds 3.95
First goal between 11-20 minute  – Odds 5.45
Diego Costa to score first goal – Odds 4.75
Spain to win 2-0 – Odds 6.85

Our score prediction – 2-0 Spain (First goal Diego Costa in first half)

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Result Spain – Morocco (2-2)

For Spain this was an important game because they could secure their place in the next round. And they could secure the first place in the group. Morocco had nothing to play for but they played for a win. And two times they got the lead in the game. After 14 minutes Khalid Boutaib scored a goal and made it 1-0 Morocco. Spain had to score now to be sure to get in to the next round. 5 Minutes after the 1-0 Isco made it 1-1 and Spain was through to the next round again. Between the 21st and 31st minute Morocco got booked 4 times. And half time score was 1-1.

After the break both teams started attacking and Morocco was the first team to score. In the 81st minute Munir scored an amazing header to make it 2-1 Morocco. But in the crazy last minutes in this group Spain managed to score a 2nd goal. Iago Aspas scored a briljant goal with his backheal. First it looked off side but the VAR concluded that it was no offside and Spain got the goal. The goal they needed to got at the top of group B.

We only won one of our bets because the first goal was scored in the 14th minute.

Spain – Morocco 2-2
14′ Khalid Boutaib 0-1
19′ Isco 1-1
81′ Munir 1-2
90′ Iago Aspas 2-2


Iran – Portugal – 25th June – Saransk – 20:00 CET (Result 1-1)

iran portugal best betting tips world cup

Today in Saransk there is a very important game for Iran and Portugal. Portugal needs a draw to qualify for the second round. But a win from Iran will drop Portugal out of this tournament. Iran will qualify for the next round when they can beat Portugal. Or I can better saay. Iran can qualify for the next round when they beat Cristiano Ronaldo. If Iran can solve the Ronaldo problem I think they can upset this game and make it a hard game for Portugal.

At the end Portugal will qualify for the next round but if they will win this game I am not 100% sure. If they win they will win with 1 goal difference. This is interesting to bet on because there are high odds on a result for Iran.

Bet on Iran – Portugal

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Iran – Portugal

Draw – Odds 3.75
Portugal to win 1-0 – Odds 5.65
Ronaldo to score first – Odds 3.45
Draw at half time, Portugal to win – Odds 4.00

Our score prediction – 1-0 Portugal (Ronaldo to score)

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Result Iran – Portugal (1-1)

An important game for both teams. Both teams could still qualify themselves for the next round. Portugal needed a draw and Iran needed a win. The first half was a controlled game without a lot of big chances. But in the 45th minute Ricardo Quaresma did something briljant. With his outside right foot he made it 1-0 in the far corner. An amazing goal and an important one for Portugal and Spain. After the break the game got crazy. In the 53th minute Ronaldo missed a penalty kick and a few minutes later he should have had a red card for hitting his opponent. He received a yellow card after the VAR decision. In the 83th minute the game got more crazy because Iran received a penalty kick. K. Ansarifard scored the penalty and Iran needed 1 more goal to get through to the next round. In the 90th minute Vahid Amiri had a one on one with the goalkeeper but he missed and it stayed 1-1. Portugal qualified as second in their group and they now play Uruguay in the next round.

Iran – Portugal 1-1
45′ R. Quaresma 0-1
83′ Ansarifard (pen) 1-1


Portugal – Morocco – 20th June – Moscow – 14:00 CET (Result 1-0)

portugal - morocco predictions betting tips world cup

Today a do or die game for Morocco. Morocco lost their first game to the weakest team in this group, Iran. They only have one goal today and that is a win against Portugal. Portugal played an amazing game against Spain in their first group game. They scored 3 times and conceeded 3. A draw was a fair result in that game. But a draw against Spain means that Portugal needs to win their second game against Morocco. We will see 2 attacking teams this game. Should be an amazing game to watch and it could be a game with a lot of goals.

Morocco is on paper not good enough to beat Portugal. But I think that the attacking force and the young talented players of Morocco could force a great game. with a bit f luck they score an early goal which could make Portugal nervous. Ronaldo would probably score a goal this game because he is the only player that can score goals in their team. The odds on Ronaldo are very low, so not really interesting.

In this do or die game Morocco can score a goal but in the end I think Portugal can win. For Morocco a draw wold be an amazing result.

Bet on Portugal – Morocco

You probably already opened a betting account at a sports betting website. If not I would recomend you to join Bethard, Betvictor or Redbet. These are reliable betting partners and they all give you a few free bets when you join them. Portugal – Morocco is an interesting game to watch and to bet on. You can use my underneath predictions and increase your winning chances.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Portugal – Morocco

Morocco to score first – Odds 3.65
Portugal to win 2-1 – Odds 9.25
Ronaldo to score twice – Odds 5.05
Over 2.5 goals in this match – Odds 2,15

Our score prediction – 2-1 Portugal (Morocco to score first)

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Result Portugal – Morocco (1-0 Portugal)

In this do or die game Portugal scored an early goal to seal the win. Morocco lost their first game and they had to win this game to stay in the tournament. Only a win could give them the chance to qualify for the next round. After 4 minutes Cristiano Ronaldo opened the score with a great header from a corner kick. This was the worst possible start for Morocco. Now the team only had 1 task, score 2 goals and beat Portugal. After the first goal Portugal stopped attacking and simply waited for Morocco to come forward.

Morocco managed to create a few good chances but their lack of a real striker was shown. Every chance went wide or over the top bar. In the last few minutes of the game Morocco got a few big chances but everytime a defender received the final chance. And defenders are not very good at scoring goals at Morocco. At the end Morocco played a decent game but yet again they couldn’t score a goal.

The referee gave 2 players a yellow card. Medhi Benatia and Adrien Silva got booked.  We lost all our bets on this game because we thought Morocco would score a goal this game. We placed 4 bets of €10 so we lost €40 during this game.

Portugal – Morocco 1-0
4′ Cristiano Ronaldo 1-0


Iran – Spain – 20th June – Kazan – 20:00 CET (Result 0-1)

iran spain predictions best betting tips world cup

For Spain this second game is a must win game. In their first game they played 3-3 against the other favorite in this group, Portugal. Now they are 2nd in the group behind Iran. Today Iran and Spain play against each other in Kazan. And for Iran this is an amazing game. They already have 3 points and they are going to play against a team of briljant players. It is dream for the whole team of Iran. Play against your idols and have more points at the start of the game. A draw would be an amazing result for Iran but I think Spain will smash Iran.

Iran are in the clouds after their win over Morocco and they are looking forward to another great result. Spain wants to win and wants to win in a comfortable game. Players like Iniesta and Isxo will be at their best and they want to score an early goal to open up this game. I think Spain will score in the first 20 minutes and after that they will score 1 or 2 more goals. Of course Diego Costa scores one of goals.

Iran won’t score a goal in this game.

Bet on Iran – Spain

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Iran – Spain

Spain to win with 2 goals or more – Odds 3.50
First goal between 11-20 minute  – Odds 5.50
Diego Costa to score two goals – Odds 6,40
Over 2.5 goals in this match – Odds 1.80

Our score prediction – 0-3 Spain (Over 2.5 goals in this game)

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Result Iran – Spain (0-1 Spain)

Iran started this game a group leaders because they won 1-0 against Morocco in their first game. Spain started this game with 1 point and needed a win to get closer to qualification in this group. Spain was the favorite to win this game but they didn’t play a good game. Iran focused on defending and made it a really hard game for Spain. Spain tried to play the ball around and waited for a gap in the defence of Iran. In the first half Spain didn’t create any chances and Iran held on to a 0-0. The referee kept the first half clean of bookings.

In the scond half Spain started to play a bit better. Spain forced more attacking and created more chances. They tried to play a bit faster in order to creat more space between the Iran defence. After 9 minutes in the second half Iniesta passed on to Diego Costa. Diego Costa forced through the defence and the Iran defender tried to clear the ball. But while clearing the ball hit Diego Costa and deflected in to the back of the net, 1-0 Spain. Now Iran had to change their plans. Iran managed to create a few chances but they where not able to score a goal or hit the target. David de Gea had an easy day against Iran. The referee also had an easy game and only booked two players of Iran (Vahid Amiri and O. Ebrahimi).

And again we lost our bets. We thought Spain would score more goals than one. We placed 4 bets of €10 and lost them all. Another bad day of betting in group B.

Iran – Spain 0-1
54′ Diego Costa 0-1


Results Group B and results betting tips

Below you find all the results, summaries and our betting results for every game in Group B. You can see which bets we predicted correct and how much we won with these bets. Green results are predicted correct and red results are predicted wrong.

Morocco – Iran – 15th June – St Petersburg – 17:00 CET (Result 0-1)

morocco iran betting tips world cup 2018 russia predictions

This first game is very important for both teams. Both teams are not favorites to qualify for the second round. But a win in this game can lift the spirit in the team. And with a potential draw at the other game in this group the teams can climb to pole position in the group. Morocco is the better team of the two teams. Morocco has a squad full with players from big international competitions. And they have a lot of youngsters in their squad. They play attacking football which can give them a lot of goals. But it can also be a weakness when they receive a few goals from their oponent.

Iran is, for me, the team that will end last in this group. Most players play in lower teams in lower european competitions. this World Cup platform is probably a bit to high for these players. I predict a simple win for Morocco. And I predict Morocco to score at least 2 goals.

Bet on Morocco – Iran

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Morocco against Iran

Morocco to win – Odds 2,25
Morocco to win with 2 goals or more – Odds 4,80
Hakim Ziyech to score – Odds 6,75
Over 2.5 goals in this match – Odds 2,95

Our score prediction – 2-0 Morocco (Ziyech to score)

Bet on this Match!

Result Morocco – Iran (0-1 Iran)

And another surprising result just came in. In St Ptersburg Marocco played against Iran. In the first half Morocco was the better team and they had a few small chances. But never a big chance to score a goal. Iran started very weak but they managed to keep a clean sheet. After halft time the game got worse because both teams made a lot of mistakes and where not accurate with their passing. Everything looked like it was going to end in a draw.

But after a few substitutions from both coaches things changed. The referee and the foutrh official added 6 minutes of extra time. And in the 5th minute of extra time Morocco made a foul and from the free kick Aziz Bouhaddouz scored an own goal. He headed the ball in to the net behind his own keeper. 1-0 Iran and end of the game.

It was a relative slow game without a lot of bad fouls. At the end the referee gave 4 yellow cards. Morocco received one yellow card (Karim El Ahmadi) and Iran 3 yellow cards (Masoud Shojaei, Alireza Jahanbakhsh and Karim Ansarifard).

Our predictions where all wrong. We predicted a simple win for Morocco and Hakim Ziyech to score. Ziyech had a big chance in the first half but he totally missed the ball and lost this chance.

Morocco – Iran 0-1
90′ Aziz Bouhaddouz (og)


Portugal – Spain – 15th june – Sochi – 20:00 CET (Result 3-3)

portugal spain predictions betting tips world cup

A very important game this early in the tournament. High flyers Portugal and Spain meet in Sochi. For both teams this is an important game because they can already set a mojor step to the next round. And there is a life long rivalry between these two countries. Ronaldo playing in Spain at Real Madrid now faces his colleagues. And Spain having problems with a new head coach before the tournament. The team that will win this game will probably qualify for the second round and end first in group B.

Spain had a great friemdly run before the tournament. They beat Argentina with 6-1 and they drew against one of the tournament favorites Germany. Last week they won 1-0 in a friendly against Tunisia. the team looks in form at the right moment. But I think the internal problems will affect the team and the results.

Portugal had a much harder run of games before the tournament. They started with a 3-0 loose over The Netherlands. After that they played 2-2 against Tunisia and 0-0 against Belgium. They ended their friendly run with a 3-0 win over Algeria. I predict a draw at this game. And there are not going be a lot of goals because both dteams have a solid defence.

Bet on Portugal – Spain

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Portugal – Spain

Game ends in a draw – Odds 3.20
Portugal to score first and draw – Odds 7.50
Correct score 1-1 – Odds 6.20
Under 2.5 goals – Odds 1.52
Ronaldo or Diego Costa to score – Odds 2,85

Our score prediction – 1-1 Portugal to score first

Bet on this Match!

Result Portugal – Spain (3-3)

On day two we already saw an amazing game. What a game this was. Goals, great football and top players getting at their highest level. Isco and Ronaldo where outstanding. After 4 minutes Ronaldo received a penalty kick. And he scored the penaly 1-0 Portugal. With this goal we won two of our bets. Ronaldo scored a goal and Portugal scored the first goal.

After 24 minutes Diego Costa made a foul on Peppe but the referee did not gave a foul. Diego Costa went on to score the 1-1. After getting in touch with the Video Assistance Referee the goal was approved, 1-1. 1 Minute before half time it was Ronaldo again with a goal. Half time scores was 2-1 for Portugal.

10 minutes in the second half Diego Costa scored again. And 3 minutes later Nacho Fernandez gave Spain the lead with a briljant goal, 3-2. If this wasn’t enough Ronaldo stood up one more time. Sergio ramos made a foul on Ronaldo and Ronaldo lined up for the free kick himself. An amazing free kick flew in the top right corner of the goal. 3-3 In the 88th minute.

After this game Iran is leader in group B. And Morocco is bottom of the table. The next game will be very important for both Portugal and Spain.

Portugal – Spain 3-3
4′ C. Ronaldo (pen)
24′ Diego Costa
44′ C. Ronaldo
55′ Diego Costa
58′ Nacho Fernandez
88′ Cristiano Ronaldo

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