Predictions Group A World Cup 2018 Russia

Every day you find new predictions on our website. Our team of sports betting experts analyse all 64 matches during the World Cup Football in Russia. Before every game you can read our predictions. You can use the predictions for betting. With the predictions you can increase your chances of winning money during the world cup 2018 in Russia. The tournament starts on 14th of june with a game between Russia and Saudi Arabia. On this page I am going to give you all the predictions and betting tips for Group A of this years Football World Cup in Russia.

When you want to place a bet on a game and you want to use our predictions, you are free to use them. Keep notice that we can only increase your winning chances. We can never guarantee you winnings. On this website you find a few selected online websites where you can place your bets. When you join a new online bookmaker you can claim a few interesting welcome bonuses. With the welcome bonuses you can easily double your betting budget.

predictions group a world cup 2018 russia betting tips

Standings Group A

Both Russia and Uruguay won their first and second match. Because of this both teams have six point and will continue to the last 16 round. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have only lost and will be out of the tournament after the next match.

Uruguay wins Group A, Russia is second. Both Egypt and Suadi Arabia are out of the tournament.

Saudi Arabia312-53

General information group A World Cup 2018 Russia

In Group A we find the hosts (Russia) of this tournament. They are in group A with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay. Group A has 4 countries from different continents. Only Egypt is one of the best countries from their continent. The matches in Group A are played in the following cities: Moscow, Ekaterinburg, St Petersburg, Rostov, Samara and Volgograd. Every game in group A is played in a different stadium in a different city. this is pretty unique because this never happened before during a World Cup.

The teams in group A – Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay

Russia is the host of this tournament and I doubt if they are ready for this tournament. The team did not win their last 7 matches prior to this tournament. It looks like the team is not in a good shape. And there are some problems in the squad between players and coach. The coach did not added Russia’s best player to the World Cup squad because of a personal problem with the player. Russia will start against Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a pretty unknown team. And most players are playing in Saudi Arabia or at teams in lower international leagues. I don’t think Saudi Arabia will reach the next round in this group. Only a good result against Russia can help them.

Uruguay is my personal favorite in this group. With players like Suarez and Cavani I think they can beat every other team in this group. And I predict that Uruguay will finish first in Group A with the maximum of 9 points. Uruguay starts their campaign in group A against Egypt. Egypt is one of the better countries from Africa. They get really good results during the Africa Cup and they always qualify easily for World Cups. I think Egypt will compete with Russia for the second place in this group. The game between Russia and Egypt is going to be a key game in this group. Can Russia use their home advantage against Egypt? When they can they will finish second.

betting tips group A world cup 2018 russia

Predictions group A – Final group results

We predict a simple group stage for Uruguay. They will probably win 2 or 3 games during the group matches. They will finish first before Egypt. Egypt has a strong squad and I think they can surprise the hosts Russia. Russia has the presure of the home crowd and the full nation watching them. With their recent results they don’t have a lot of faith in a good result. Russia will end third in this group and Saudia Arabia will finish 4th with 0 or 1 point.

Our predictions of Group A and the best Odds

  1. Uruguay – Odds for group winner – 1,71   Bet now!
  2. Egypt – Odds for Egypt to Qualify – 2,40   Bet now!
  3. Russia
  4. Saudi Arabia

How far will the teams in group A reach in Russia?

Uruguay and Egypt will qualify for the second round. We predict that they will play against Portugal and Spain. Uruguay and Egypt are not capable of winning against both Portugal or Spain. So we predict that all the teams from group A will be out of the tournament after the group stage.

Bet on Uruguay to be eliminated from the tournament during the second round and you get 2,25 times your bet amount. When you predict that Egypt will be eliminated during the second stage of the tournament you win 3 times your bet amount. This could be an interesting bet.

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Matches in group A – our predictions – The best odds

In group A there are 6 matches and they are all played in a different stadium in a different city. The teams in this group have a lot of travelling during the group stage. Normally I would say this is negative. But in this group every team has a lot of travelling. Which team will handle the travelling best? Below I am going to give you a game by game prediction of every match in group A. We start with the first two games and the new prediction will be added after the first two games are played. With the results from the first games it is easier to predict the results of the next games.

Uruguay – Russia – 25th June – Samara – 16:00 CET (Result 3-0)

uruguay russia best betting tips world cup

This game is a game between the two teams in group A that are already qualified for the next round. Both teams won their first 2 games and in this game they are going to decide which team will end first and which one second. At this moment it is not sure which team will end first and second in group B. I think Portugal will end first because they will score more goals against Iran and will be first on goal diference. Honestly I don’t think it matters who will end first or second in group A. Both teams will face a better opponent in the second round. Russia wants to win for the home crowd. But I think Uruguay has the better team.

A draw in this game has high odds but I think it will be a draw. And in that case Russia ends first on goal difference. Uruguay have a solid defence and strong forwards so i think they will score one or two goals. That means the game will end 1-1 or 2-2.

Bet on Uruguay – Russia

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Uruguay – Russia

Draw – Odds 3.10
Final result 1-1 – Odds 5.95
Final score 2-2 – Odds 15.25
Draw at half time and full time – Odds 4.45

Our score prediction – 1-1

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Result Uruguay – Russia (3-0 Uruguay)

A great game for Uruguay. They beat the hosts 3-0 and they managed to finish this group as number 1. Uruguay had a perfect group stage with 3 wins and 0 goals conceeded. Against Russia they started very good and dominated the whole game. In the 10th minute Luis Suarez scored a goal from a free kick. A mistake by the keeper because the ball went in this corner of the goal. 13 Minutes later Uruguay scored a second goal. An own goal by Cheryshev. A shot from Laxsalt got deflected by Cheryshev and went in the goal and made it 2-0. Another 13 minutes later Russia got a second yellow card and that meant a red card for Smolnikov. Game over!

After half time Uruguay slowed down the game because they wanted to safe some energy for the next round. And it was very hot in Samara. Players slowed down except Cavani. Cavani was eager to score a goal. And in the dying seconds he made it 3-0 from a deflected header. 3-0 Final score, Uruguay first in the group and Russia 2nd. Uruguay now plays Portugal in the next round and Russia will host Spain in the second round.

Uruguay – Russia 3-0
10′ Luis Suarez 1-0
23′ Cheryshev (og) 2-0
90′ Cavani 3-0


Saudi Arabia – Egypt – 25th June – Volgograd – 16:00 CET (Result 2-1)

saudi arabia egypt best betting tips world cup

This is a game with 2 teams that are already eliminated from the tournament. Both teams lost their first 2 games and have no chance of qualification for the next round. Who will leave the tournament with a good result? Can one of the teams grab some points and leave the tournament with their heads up. I think Egypt is the better team because they where unlucky against Uruguay. Saudi Arabia is one of the weakest teams in this tournament. I cannot see them beat Egypt in this game. Maybe they can held on to a draw but I don’t think they are strong enough to achieve that.

I predict a 2-0 win for Egypt. Their mentality is big enough to give all for their nation and grab a win in this game. M. Salah will score one of the 2 goals.

Bet on Saudi Arabia – Egypt

A hard game to bet on because there is nothing to play for. One of the teams can safe their honour with ending the tournament with a good game and a win. At our preferred betting partners you can place some bets. We selected a few interesting bets for you. You can use these bets and our tips to increase your winning chances.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Saudi Arabia – Egypt

Egypt to win – Odds 1.90
2-0 Egypt – Odds 8.75
Egypt to win 2 goals or more – Odds 5.10
Under 2.5 goals – Odds 1.80
M. Salah to score – Odds 3.75

Our score prediction – 0-2 Egypt

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Result Saudi Arabia – Egypt (2-1 Saudi Arabia)

A game with no direct qualification options. Both teams lost their first 2 games so they had no chance of getting through to the next round. And the game started very slow with a few chances. It didn’t look like they wanted to fight for a win. Only M. Salah wanted to show the world what he is capable of. After 22 minutes he scored a nice goal. He lifted the ball over the keeper, 1-0 Egypt. After that goal Saudi Arabia started to play better and better. In the 41st minute Saudi Arabia received a penalty. Fahad Al Muwallad missed the penalty because 45 year old Essam El Hadary stopped the penalty. A great save. In the 45th minutes Saudi Arabia received another penalty kick. This time they scored and made it 1-0

After half time Saudi Arabia kept on attacking but they couldn’t create any good chances. Egypt played slow and had no intention to win this game. In the dying seconds Al Dawsari scored the 2-1 for Saudi Arabia. A good win and a deserved win for the Saudies. Saudi Arabia ended 3rd in this group with 3 points and Egypt 4th with 0 points.

Saudi Arabia – Egypt 2-1
22′ M. Salah 0-1
45′ Shahrani (pen) 1-0
90′ Al Dawsari 2-1


Russia – Egypt – 19th june – St Petersburg – 20:00 CET (Result 3-1)

russia egypt predictions betting tips world cup football

On june 19 Russia hosts Egypt in their second game of the group. Both teams travel to St Petersburg. For both teams it is an important game. Russia can qualify for the second round when they get a win. Egypt needs a win. When Egypt loses this game they will be out of the tournament and unable to reach the second round. Egypt will have to attack from the start and that could give Russia some space in the counter attack. Russia has the advantage of playing for their home crowd. Their crowd was a bit sceptical before the first game but their 5-0 win over Saudi Arabia lifted the confidence of the supporters.

I think Russia will continue winning because of the home advantage. And maybe the influence of Putin in this country. Egypt is the equal team with Russia but the fact they have to win can cost them the game on the counter attack. I predict a 2-1 win for Russia in this game. And a goal from Cheryshev.

Bet on Russia – Egypt

A lot of people will bet on this game because there are a few interesting odds. Russia looks like a solid team at the moment and they are driven by their home crowd. But can Egypt beat them and give themselves another chance to qualify for the second. When you want to bet on this game I recommend you to open an account at one of our betting partners. Sign up at LVBet and you receive a €5 free bet on registration. Most betting websites double your first real money deposit during the world cup.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Russia against Egypt

Russia to win – Odds 2.05
Russia to win 2-1 – Odds 10.25
Cherysev to score – Odds 9.00
Over 2.5 Goals – Odds 2.50

Our score prediction – 2-1 Russia

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Result Russia – Egypt (3-1 Russia)

Another great win for the hosts Russia. The first half of the game was very boring. Both teams tried to attack but they couldn’t create any chances. Egypt started with their super start M. Salah but he couldn’t create anything in the first half. The first half ended in 0-0, a good result for Russia because they already won their first game. After the break a surprise goal opened the game. A kick in to the box was deflected by A. Fathi and got in to the far corner of the Egypt goal. 1-0 Russia and this was the moment that Egypt had to attack even more. Egypt needed a win to held on to a chance of qualification for the next round. Things didn’t work out as Egypt and their supporters hoped. After 59 minutes Cheryshev scored a second goal for Russia (Good goal for our bets). And they game was done. No way Egypt would score 3 goals in 30 minutes.

It even got worse for Egypt when Dzyuba received the ball outside the box and got in to the box to score a beautiful goal. 3-0 Russia and game over. In this game we saw 1 briljant moment from M. Salah. He controlled the ball in the box and got trapped. He felt and received a penalty. He scored the penalty and made the final score 3-1 Russia.

We won a bit of money back after the earlier games this day. On this game we won 3 out of our 4 bets. We won €140.

Russia – Egypt 3-1
47′ A. Fathi (og) 1-0
59′ D. zcheryshev 2-0
62′ A. Dzyuba 3-0
73′ M. Salah (pen) 3-1


Uruguay – Saudi Arabia – 20th June – Rostov-on-Don – 17:00 CET (Result 1-0)

uruaguay saudi arabia predictions betting tips world cup

Saudi Arabia now plays a do or die game because they lost their first game with 5-0 against Russia. Uruguay played a good game against Egypt and they won 1-0. So for both teams a win is important. When Uruguay wins they are qualified for the next round. When Saudi Arabia loses again they are out and not able to qualify any more. Saudia Arabia needs to attack from the start to get a goal. This could be very interesting for Uruguay because they can counter attack with their strikers Cavani and Suarez. Suarez or Cavani will probably score a goal during this game.

Both teams play their game in Rostov-on-Don on June 20. they play in the Rostov Arena, a stadium qwith a 45.000 capacity. Uruguay has the much better team and loads of confidence after their first game. Saudia Arabia is not capable of beating Uruguay. And I guess Uruguay will win with a 2 goal or more difference.

Bet on Uruguay – Saudi Arabia

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Interesting bets and the Odds for Uruguay – Saudi Arabia

Uruguay to win 2-0 – Odds 5.85
Uruguay to win 3-0 – Odds 6.50
Uruguay to score in both halves – Odds 1.74
Over 3.5 goals – Odds 2.40

Our score prediction – 2-0 Uruguay

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Result Uruguay – Saudi Arabia (1-0 Uruguay)

Uruguay won their first game so they could qualify for the second round when they managed to win against Suadi Arabia. In the first half Uruguay was the far better team and they created a few good chances. Suarez and Cavani where very dangerous. After 23′ minutes Suarez scored from a corner kick. The Saudi Arabia goal keeper made a huge mistake and missed the ball in the air. Suarez had a simple ball in an empty goal. 1-0 Uruguay and Saudi Arabia needed to score at least two goals to stay in the tournament. Suadi Arabia played a decent game. A much better game than their first game against Russia.

Saudi Arabia tried their best but they couldn’t score a goal and they went out of the tournament after 2 games. Uruguay simply qualified for the second round. They now have to face Russia to compete for the first place in this group. The referee didn’t book any of the players in a super friendly game.

Uruguay – Saudi Arabia 1-0
23′ Luis Suarez 1-0


Results Group A and our betting results

Underneath you find all results and our betting results for the games in group A during the world cup in Russia. Here you can see if we won money on our bets or if we lost all our bets.

Russia – Saudi Arabia – 14th June – Moskow – 17:00 CET (Result 5-0)

russia saudia arabia group a world cup 2018 russia predictions

The first game for the host russia. This is a very important game for Russia because the team is in a really bad form at the moment. Russia have not won one of their last 7 games. The team is automatically qualified for this World Cup because they are the hosts of the tournament. they only played friendly games before the start of the tournament. And they did not won one of their last 7 games. Saudi Arabia has actually a better form then Russia. The team finished 2nd in the third round qualification group behind Japan. This meant automatically qualification for the World Cup in Russia.

Saudi Arabia lost 5 of their last 9 friendly matches before the world cup. The last 3 games they lost against Germany, Peru and Italy. They only won against Algeria, Greece and Moldavia. This is going to be a vital game for both teams. A win can lift the confidence and can help the teams get good results in the upcoming matches against Uruguay and Egypt. With the recent forms and the home advantage of Russia I predict a small win for Russia. Saudia Arabia will not score a goal during this game. Russia will probably win this game with 1-0. russia does not have a real topscorer in their team. This is interesting for betting options. The odds for the first goal scoreer are relativly high for this game.

Bet on Russia – Saudi Arabia

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Interesting bets and the Odds for this bet

Russia to win – Odds 1.41
Russia to win 1-0 – Odds 4.70
Alan Dzagoev to score first – Odds 5.90
Under 1.5 Goals – Odds 2.90

Our score prediction – 1-0 Russia

Bet on this Match!

Result Russia – Saudi Arabia (5-0 Russia)

In the first game on this World Cup Russia played Saudia Arabia. The hosts won this game with 3-0. Before half time Russia had scored 2 goals and Dzagoev had left the field with an injury. The goals before half time where scored by Yuri Gazinskiy and D. Chersyshev. In the 71st minute Atrem Dzyuba scored the 3-0. In the last minute D. Cheryshev and Golovin scored the 4-0 and 5-0. The 4-0 was an amazing goal. Cheryshev is now the topscorer of the tournament.

We predicted a win for Russia. That was the own good prediction for this game. We predicted a 1-0 win for Russia but Saudia Arabia was a much weaker team as we expected. Our goal scorer Dzagoev left the field after 14 minutes with an injury. He is probably out for the rest of the tournament. For the remaining games we expect 2 losses for Saudi Arabia. For Russia the game against Egypt will be a vital one.

Russia – Saudi Arabia 5-0
43’D. Cheryshev
71’Artem Dzyuba
90′ D. Cheryshev
90′ Golovin


Egypt – Uruguay – 15th june – Ekaterinburg – 14:00 CET (result 0-1)

egypt uruguay group a predictions world cup 2018 russia betting tips

On friday 15th july at 14:00 central European time Egypt and Uruguay will play their first match in Ekaterinburg. This is a clash between two of the better countries of their continent. Egypt is probably in the top 3 of best African countries and Uruguay is third in the South American continent. Egypt haven’t won 1 of their last 6 games prior to this World cup. They drew against Kuwat, Columbia and Ghana and they lost against Portugal, Belgium and Greece. So it looks like Egypt is not in a really good form at the moment. But they easily qualified for the World Cup in Russia and ended first in a group with Uganda, Ghana and Congo. With the recent form I predict that Uruguay will win this game with at least a 2 goal difference.

Uruguay has won 5 of their last 6 games. They are in a really good form at the moment. The team won against Wales, Czech, Bolivia and Paraguay. They only had a draw against Venezuela. With this form I give them a good chance to win this game easily. And I recommend you to bet on a handicap win for Uruguay. this means that you bet that Uruguay will win with a 2 goal difference. It is also interesting to bet on Suarez or Cavani to score a goal during this game.

Bet on Egypt – Uruguay

Choose an online bookmaker from our website and register a free account. Collect the available welcome bonus and place a bet on Egypt against Uruguay. With the available welcome bonuses you can bet more money on this or other games. Below you find a few interesting bets for this game. Behind the bests you find the odds for each bet. We have partnered up with Bethard Sportsbook for these odds. At Bethard you receive 100% bonus when you join them.

Interesting bets and the Odds for Egypt – Uruguay

Uruguay to win – Odds 1.60
Uruguay to win 2 goals or more – Odds 2.16
Suarez to score first – Odds 3.80
Over 2.5 Goals – Odds 2.50
Cavani to score last goal – Odds 4.20

Our score prediction – 0-2 Uruguay

Bet on this Match!

Result Egypt – Uruguay (0-1 Uruguay)

Egypt started this game without their star player Mo Salah. And they where in Ekaterinburg to get a draw against Uruguay. On paper Uruguay is the better team and during the game they where the better team. But Egypt defended solid and that resulted in no goals before half time. Uruguay had 1 goal disallowed in the first half. This was a good decision from the referee from the Netherlands.

In the second half Uruguay started to play better. Maybe Egypt got tired because they just ended the Ramadan. Egypt looked more tired and could only defend. Cavani and Suarez had a few good chances but only cavani managed to hit the target. He hit the post and the ball did not went in this time. A few minutes later Uruguay got a corner kick and this corner kick went straight to Jose Gimenez. With a hard header the ball went in the net, 01 for Uruguay.

After the 1-0 nothing happened except 2 yellow cards for Egypt. Sam Morsy and A. Hegazy got booked by referee Bjorn Kuipers.

If we have a look at our predictions we only predicted the correct winner of the game. We thought Uruguay would score 1 more goal. But they didn’t. For the next games this result is very important for Uruguay because they are now top of the table with Russia. In the next two games Russia plays against Egypt, a very important game for Egypt. A defeat will end all their hopes. Uruguay should win against Saudi Arabia and complete their qualification for the second round.

Egypt – Uruguay 0-1
89’Jose Gimenez

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