Betting tips World Cup 2018 Russia

This week the Football world cup will start in Russia. The 32 best countries are ready for some amazing games in Russia. All the best players in the world are heading over to Russia or they already arrived. Russia is hosting its World Cup in 11 different stadiums in 11 different cities. The new and rebuild stadiums are spread over the huge country. So there could be a lot of travelling for a few countries when they qualify for the second round. this year the world cup has 8 different groups and in each group there are 4 different countries. In each group 2 countries will qualify for the knock-out round. Number 1 and 2 will qualify for the next round. On this page I am going to give you my Betting tips world cup 2018 Russia.

The upcoming weeks I am going to predict all the games and also some tournament bets. On this page I will start with the tournament bets and will give you some interesting betting tips World cup 2018 Russia.

Tips for tournament Bets at World Cup 2018 Russia

Let me start with the most important prediction. Who are the best countries? And who can win the World Cup? At most tipster websites you will see that Spain and Brazil are the favorites. But in my opinion this is not correct. there are a few countries that have an amazing squad and they have a big chance of winning the world cup. My tip for this world cup is Belgium. I am pretty sure that belgium will reach the semi finals and I give them a good chance of winning the world cup. When you bet €10 on Belgium at Bethard you can win 12.25 times your bet. And of course Germany is one of our favorites. When a tournament starts the German can always win. And they have an amazing squad this tournament.

If you look at squads and the value of the players you must keep an eye on France. They have a squad with players that are playing at the best teams in Europe. And they all had a great season. With players like Pogba, Griezmann and Mbappe we predict that France will reach the semi finals in Russia. If you want to place a bet on an interesting outsider I recommend Croatia. I think Croatia will reach the semi finals. And when they reach the semi finals everything is open. Croatia is a team packed with talented individuals like Modric, Rakitic, Perisic and Mandzukic.

Below you find the odds of my tournament winners Betting tips world cup 2018.

Our predictions – Winners World Cup 2018 Russia (Belgium)

  1. Belgium – Odds 12,25
  2. Germany – Odds 6,00
  3. France – Odds 7,00
  4. Croatia – Odds 34,00
Bet now!

Who will be topscorer in Russia? (Mertens, Hazard, Griezmann, Mandzukic)

One of the most popular bets during the World cup is the topscorer bet. Which player is going to score the most goals? Normally a player that reaches at least the semi finals will be topscorer. so in that case you must choose a player from a team that will reach the semi finals or the finals. Most people choose popular players like Ronaldo, Messi, Griezmann, Neymar or Kane. The odds on these players are not the best. When you choose Neymar you can win 9.50 times your bet amount.

As mentioned above we think that Belgium will win the World Cup and Germany, France and Croatia will be runners up. All four teams are teams that are capable to score a lot of goals. Only France has a real topscorer in their team with Griezmann. When you decide to bet on Griezmann you receive 13 times your bet amount. I love to bet on the less popular players with higher odds. Belgium has a few players that are capable of scoring goals. Lukaku could be an interesting bet with 17.00 odds. But my tips for this tournament are Hazard and Mertens. Belgium plays Tunisia and Panama in their group stage. I can see them score a lot of goals against these teams.

I can see Croatia get to the semi finals and they can score a lot of goals in their group against Nigeria and Iceland. Croatia has 1 topscorer in their team with Mario Mandzukic. When you bet on Mandzukic you get 67 times your bet amount.

It is worth the try when you place a bet on these players. Simply bet a low amount of money. When they become topscorer you hit a nice and interesting win.

Hazard – Odds 34,00  Bet now!

Mertens – Odds 51,00  Bet now!

Griezmann – Odds 13,00  Bet now!

Mandzukic – Odds 67,00  Bet now!

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betting tips world cup 2018 russia

Group predictions World Cup 2018 Russia

There are 8 groups with 4 countries in each group. All the teams play 3 games and only 2 teams will qualify for the next round. Of course there are favorites in each group. But there are also outsiders in each group. Straight from the start of the tournament it is important to be sharp. Each loss during the group stage can cause huge damage. A loss can motivate one team and can bring the other team in huge problems. below i am going to give you my Betting tips world cup for each group. Who will finish first and who will finish second? How many points will each team collect?

Underneath you find all 8 groups for the first stage of the World Cup 2018 in Russia

betting tips world cup group stage

Group A – Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay

betting tips group a world cup 2018 russia

In group A you find the host of the tournament. Russia is host of the tournament and that is why it is automatically qualified for this tournament. Russia did not qualify for the last European Cup in France. And they have a serious bad streak of results. They lost most of their games prior to this tournament. But maybe the home advantage will drive them to a higher level. With Egypt, and Saudi Arabia in their group they must have a chance to qualify for the second round. Egypt is an outsider to reach the second round. They have a few good players but I am not sure if this is enough for a few good results. Uruguay is favorite to win this group. With players like Suarez and Cavani they must be able to reach the second round in this group. Saudi Arabia is least favorite but maybe they can surprise us. Saudi Arabia starts against host Russia. This could be a vital game for both teams.

Here are my predictions for Group A
Behind the prediction you find the odds for the team to be group winner

  1. Uruguay – 1,71
  2. Egypt – 6,50
  3. Russia – 3,00
  4. Saudi Arabia – 41,00

Odds – Teams to qualify for the second round

  1. Uruguay – 1,15
  2. Russia – 1,36
  3. Egypt – 2,40
  4. Saudi Arabia – 9,50
Bet on group A!

Group B – Portugal, Spain, Marocco and Iran

betting tips world cup group b

I think group B is the group with the best teams in it. Spain and Portugal are both contenders for the title. Portugal won the last European Cup and Spain have won a lot of tournaments in recent years. With players from Barcelona and Real Madrid Spain is always one of the favorites. Portugal is an outsider to win this tournament because they have Cristiano Ronaldo in their team. Ronaldo is a winner and he wants to win another major tournament before he retires from international football. Marocco and Iran are ment to be 3rd and 4th in this group because they have a lack of quality when you compare them with Spain and Portugal.

But I personally think that Marocco has a chance to reach the second round. They must get a result against Portugal. When Spain wins against Portugal in the first game the pressure is on the Portuguese. How can they handle this pressure against a team with a lot of young talented players?

It is worth to bet on Marocco to reach the second round. At Bethard you get 4,30 times your bet amount when Marocco reaches the second round of the tournament.

Here are my predictions for Group B
Behind the prediction you find the odds for the team to be group winner

  1. Spain – 1,55
  2. Marocco – 15,00
  3. Portugal – 3,00
  4. Iran – 31,00

Odds – Teams to qualify for the second round

  1. Spain – 1,07
  2. Portugal – 1,20
  3. Marocco – 4,30
  4. Iran – 7,00
Bet on group B!

Group C – France, Australia, Denmark and Peru

betting tips world cup group c france denmark australia peru

In Group C we find one of the favorites. France is in my opinion a team that will reach the semi finals. They have such an amazing squad with Pogba, Griezmann, Mbappe and Ribery. This group is going to be one of the most observed groups because both France and Denmark have a few interesting young talented players. Denmark has Eriksen and Dolberg in their squad. Both players are getting better and better. Denmark is a hard to beat team and with a bit of luck they can reach to the quarter finals this tournament. Australia, in my opinion, has no chance to reach the next round. Their squad is simply not good enough to beat France and Denmark. Maybe they can get a draw against Peru and celebrate this as a win with their enthusiastic fans.

Peru is a rather unknown team but they qualified for the World Cup rather simple. they can beat Australia but I think France and Denmark are to good for them. The odds in this group are not very interesting because everybody predicts France and Denmark to qualify for the second round. The only interesting bet is a bet on Australia to qualify. You get 5.50 times your bet amount when Australia manage to qualify.

Here are my predictions for Group C
Behind the prediction you find the odds for the team to be group winner

  1. France – 1,32
  2. Denmark – 5,50
  3. Peru – 10,00
  4. Australia – 19,00

Odds – Teams to qualify for the second round

  1. France – 1,05
  2. Denmark – 1,71
  3. Peru – 2,50
  4. Australia – 5,50
Bet on group C!

Group D – Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria

betting tips word cup group d argentina croatia iceland nigeria

Argentina is one of the biggest countries in football history. But the last few tournaments they did not had any good results. Every tournament we think that Messi will make the difference. But in the end they simply fail again. Argentina had a tough qualification before the tournament. Lionel messi and the team must have an amazing team and group spirit to get a result this year. They are in a group with Iceland. Iceland is the smallest country that qualified for the World Cup in Russia. Iceland is well-known by their group spirit and that is also their main weapon. It is the first world cup ever for Iceland. Can they reach the 2nd round? I don’t think they can because Croatia is a bit to good for them. Croatia has players like Modric, Rakitic and Perisic. They are all talented individuals. With a bit of team spirit they can beat Argentina and end the group as winners.

Nigeria is probably the team that is going to end this tournament at the bottom of their group. They have a strong squad but I am sure that the others are a bit stronger. An interesting Betting tips world cup for this group is Croatia to be group winner. When you bet €10 on Croatia to win the group you can win 3,30 times your bet amount.

Here are my predictions for Group D
Behind the prediction you find the odds for the team to be group winner

  1. Croatia – 3,30
  2. Argentina – 1,60
  3. Iceland – 15,00
  4. Nigeria – 11,00

Odds – Teams to qualify for the second round

  1. Argentina – 1,12
  2. Croatia – 1,52
  3. Nigeria – 3,30
  4. Iceland – 3,50
Bet on group D!

Group E – Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia and Coasta Rica

betting tips world cup group E serbia brazil costa rica switzerland

Brazil is the ultimate favorite in this group. But i don’t think we must underestimate teams like Serbia and Switzerland. Switzerland had a perfect qualification. They only lost against Portugal. they won all other games in their European Qualifying group. Brazil also had a decent qualification. They only lost one game out of 18 during the qualification and ended first in the South American group. For me Brazil are the big favorites to win this World Cup. They have an amazing squad with players like neymar, Coutinho, Willian and Firminio. Brazil always have amazing strikers but they also have a lack of good defenders.

Serbia is a team that offers a few great defenders. They are giants in the box and they have a real fighting spirit during games. Serbia is a team that really plays fully commited for their nation. Special powers open up when they play for the national team. Their striker Alexandre Mitrovic is in form and secured promotion to the Premier league with Fulham.

Switserland is a team with decent players. They don’t have any top players. But in general they are all very good team players. with their recent results they can compete for second place in this group. They will compete for second place with Serbia because I think Costa Rica is not good enough. They have a nice team and had a decent qualification but they are not outstanding. In this group you must be really good to survive.

Brazil will be group winner. But who will be second? The game between Serbia and Switzerland is going to be the key game in this group. The one who gets are result from this game will qualify for the second round. Switzerland is slightly favorite because they had a better qualification compared with Serbia. But I think Serbia can beat Switzerland and become second this tournament.

Here are my predictions for Group E
Behind the prediction you find the odds for the team to be group winner

  1. Brazil – 1.28
  2. Serbia – 8.50
  3. Switzerland – 7.00
  4. Costa Rica – 17.00

Odds – Teams to qualify for the second round

  1. Brazil – 1.05
  2. Serbia – 2.10
  3. Switzerland – 2.05
  4. Costa Rica – 4.75
Bet on group E!

Group F – Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

predictions group f world cup 2018 russia germany sweden mexico south korea

In group F we find the current World Champions Germany. 4 Years ago Germany had an impressive run to beat Argentina and Brazil and win the tournament in Brazil. This year the Germans are one of the favorites again. And in their group with Mexico, Sweden and South Korea they must qualify for the second round. Germany will probably win this group with 7 or 9 points. Mexico is slightly favorite to reach the second place in this group. But I think Sweden can also compete for this place.

Sweden starts with a game against South Korea. A win can lift them 3 points above Maxico, when Mexico loose against Germany. South Korea is not good enough and I think they will finish 4th in this group. With a bit of luck they can grab one or 2 points in the games against Sweden and Mexico. The key game in this group is the game between Mexico and Sweden. The team that wins this game will qualify for the second round. the great thing about this game. It is the last game in the group. So it keeps exciting till the end in group F.

Here are my predictions for Group F
Behind the prediction you find the odds for the team to be group winner

  1. Germany – 1.33
  2. Mexico – 5.00
  3. Sweden – 10.25
  4. South Korea – 13.00

Odds – Teams to qualify for the second round

  1. Germany – 1.07
  2. Mexico – 1.83
  3. Sweden – 2.70
  4. South Korea – 4.50
Bet on group F!

Group G – Belgium, Panama, Tunusia, England

predictions betting tips group g world cup

When we have a closer look on group G we see 3 interesting countries. Head of this group are Belgium. Belgium is a team that has probably the most potention in this group and at this World Cup. Their squad is full of talented young players. Players that are playing at the best teams in the best competitions in Europe. With the likes of Eden Hazard, Lukaku, Kompany, Vertonghen and Kevin de Bruijne we must see Belgium as a potential winner.

England is also very interesting because they always are among the favorites but they never deliver. Every tournament they qualify and every time they are at the favorites. In my opinion the Premier league is a to intense league. All players from England are playing in this league. After the league they are exhausted. And at the World Cup and Euroean Cup they just miss that bit of extra energy.

The third and last interesting team in this group is Panama. Nobody ever thought that Panama could qualify for a World Cup. But they did and they qualified above The United States in their group. This is the first time ever that Panama is playing at a world cup. We don’t expect a lot from this country. But, hey they are already excited to be in Russia. A great experience and maybe some of their players can impressive european scouts.

Tunusia is a strong team . They had a simple qualification to this world cup. And recent results are also positive. Can they beat Belgium or England? They have to beat one of these teams if they want to qualify for the next round. In our predictions Belgium will finish first in this group and England second. But maybe Tunusia can surprise England. We are really looking forward to the games in this group because I am curious to the strong Belgium team.

And can England deliver some results this tournament?

Here are my predictions for Group G
Behind the prediction you find the odds for the team to be group winner

  1. Belgium – 1.83
  2. England – 2.30
  3. Tunusia – 11.00
  4. Panama – 41.00

Odds – Teams to qualify for the second round

  1. Belgium – 1.08
  2. England – 1.15
  3. Tunusia – 5.50
  4. Panama – 10.00
Bet on group G!

Group H – Colombia, Poland, Japan, Senegal

betting tips group h world cup russia 2018

When we look at Group H we see a group with medium teams. There are no real favorites in this group. That makes this group not the most attractive group. But it will be a very interesting group because every team can beat the other team. It is a very hard group to bet on because it is hard to predict who will win this group. Colombia is favorite at the bookmakers followed by Poland. Japan is the under dog in this ghroup but I think they could surprise teams like Senegal and Colombia. I personally think Poland will win this group.

Japan is a strong team with young players. They are all drilled to get results and are focused on getting the second round. When they achieve this it will be a big surprise but I don’t think it is impossible.

Senegal is the most unknowm team in this group for me. I have never seen a match of senegal in the last 4 years. So I have not an idea if these guys can get any results. With a result against Poland in their first match they can lift up their motivation and grow to a good result in this group.

Poland is my favorite because they have players from Europe. All their players are playing in the best competitions in Europe. And with Lewandovski as a striker they will score a number of goals during this tournament.

Colombia is always a strong team but at most tournaments they fail to get results. Maybe this time they can get better results as last major tournaments. Colombia had an easy qualification in their group and had a few good friendly games before this tournament.

The key games in this group are Poland – Colombia and Japan – Senegal. All teams need a good result in these games. I predict a win for Poland and a qualification for Colombia. Senegal will end last in this group and Japan third. With a bit of luck Japan can beat Colombia and get through to the second round.

Here are my predictions for Group H
Behind the prediction you find the odds for the team to be group winner

  1. Poland – 2.75
  2. Colombia- 2.20
  3. Japan – 9.00
  4. Senegal – 5.55

Odds – Teams to qualify for the second round

  1. Poland – 1.52
  2. Colombia – 1.40
  3. Japan – 3.10
  4. Senegal – 2.20
Bet on group H!

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