Free Pokies – Play pokies at NZ online casinos

At the moment you can play thousands of free pokies on the internet. You can play them at arcade websites or at real online casinos. When you play free pokies at online casinos you can also decide to play them with real money. At arcade websites the pokies are only available in fun mode. You can play every pokie without an account and you could have a fun time. At online casinos you can also play pokies for free. But a casino also gives you the opportunity to play these pokies with real money.

Personally I recommend you to play pokies in fun mode at online casinos. Pokies at online casinos are better, they are regulated and there are a few casinos that give you real money when you register an account. You can use that money to play pokies and win real money. Isn’t that great?

On this page I am going to tell you more about free pokies, online casinos with pokies and how you can win real money while playing pokies for free.

Free Pokies – Best NZ Online Casinos 2021

CasiGo CasinoCasiGoNZ$1.100 Bonus
375 Free Spins
Perfect online casino-CasiGo
LeoVegas CasinoLeoVegas75 Free Spins
125% Bonus
Perfect online casino75 Free Spins
LeoVegas Casino
Captain Spins CasinoCaptain Spins4x 100% Bonus
260 Free Spins
Perfect online casino-Captain Spins
Spin CasinoSpin Casino50 Free Spins
NZ$1,000 Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsSpin Casino
Gate 777 CasinoGate 777NZ$1.000
100 Spins
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsGate 777 Casino
Sky City Online CasinoSky CityNZ$100,-
70 Wager Free Spins
Perfect online casino20 Free Spins
Sky City
JackpotCity online CasinoJackpotCity50 Free Spins
NZ$1,600 Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free Spins
JackpotCity online Casino
BCasinobCasinoNZ$5 Free
+ 100% Bonus
Perfect online casinoNZ$5 FreeB Casino
Jonny Jackpot CasinoJonny JackpotNZ$1.000
100 Free Spins
Perfect online casino-Jonny Jackpot
Wildz CasinoWildz CasinoNZ$500
200 Spins
Perfect online casino-Play at Wildz

In the list above you find the top 10 online casinos in your country. Every day our team of experts reviews new pokie sites for our visitors. We always try to find top pokie sites for you. Websites with thousands of pokies which are available in free play mode. Only the best pokie sites will get a position in our top 10. We guarantee you the best free pokies when you play at one of the above online casinos. All casinos listed here offer pokies in free mode (fun mode). When you like a free pokie you can simply switch to real money mode and start winning real money.

Choose a free pokies site from our top 10 en click on the play button. We open the pokie site for you and you can start playing free pokies. If you want to switch to real money mode you have to register an account first.

More About Free Pokies

❓ What are (free) pokies?

Pokies are machines with spinning reels. Each reel has symbols on it. A pokie starts spinning after you place a bet and press the spin button. Reels spin and stop randomly on symbols. You win a prize when symbols line up on a payline. Prizes are based on how symbols line up, how many symbols line up and the payout of the symbol. Modern online pokies are built with a so-called random number generator (RNG). This RNG determines how the reels spin and which symbols will land on the paylines.

Free pokies are exactly the same as real money pokies. The only difference is the fact you can’t win real money with free pokies. When you play free pokies you play with virtual money. On your screen you can win money. You have the same payouts as real money pokies. But when you want to cash out your money you can’t. You can only cash out money when you play with real money. Real money could be your own money or money you received from a casino. A bit further down this page I will tell you how you can receive real money from a casino.

How do pokie machines work?

Pokie machine games are not very complicated. They are just like other online casino games. Pokie games offer players random results. They operate just like any other game and revolve around spinning the reels. Online casinos have a built-in mathematical edge on the pokie games (called a random Number generator). The casino has no influence on the outcome of a spin. The random number generator is responsible for the outcome of a spin. Pokies are developed by regulated game providers (examples: NetEnt, Play n Go) and can’t be manipulated by casinos. Gambling authorities test and review games before they can be launched at pokie sites.

The truth of the matter is that results of a pokie game occur randomly. Players cannot depend on any pattern to determine wins. Pokie games being random means that you can hit a big win or even a jackpot at any moment. This is because the odds on a pokie game are the same at every spin. The main disadvantage of a random pokie game is that players can never fully predict when the payouts will be favorable. You can hit wins at any time. Game regulators require that pokie games are random in terms of determining the results for every player.

It is therefore important to note that pokie games are not determined by the players’ cards. They are neither affected by the last jackpot hit or the time period in which the payouts were either less or more. Results of free pokie games are always random.

Pros and Cons Free Pokies

Before I am going to tell you more about free pokies I will share a few pros and cons of free pokies. Maybe these pros and cons can help you have a good first experience at a real online casino.


  • Try a pokie for free
  • No risk losing money
  • No account needed to play free pokies
  • Play 24/7
  • Play on a Smartphone or Tablet
  • Your favorite pokie always available
  • Try new pokies before playing with real money


  • You can’t win real money
  • You need an internet connection
  • Often available for only a limited amount of time


How to play free pokies?

If you want to try a few pokies for free I recommend you to follow the underneath steps. When you follow these steps you will do your first ever spin within just one minute from now. Playing free pokies is super simple. Before you start playing pokies you have to keep an eye on the following.

  • You have to be 18 years or older
  • Pokies are not available in every country
  • You need to have a device with an internet connection and a browser


When you meet the above requirements you are ready to play your first spins on real pokies. Follow the steps and start playing!

  1. Choose a casino (We recommend you to choose a casino from our top list with best free pokies casinos)
  2. Open the casino (click on the play button)
  3. If you only want to play in fun mode you can now choose a pokie at the casino
  4. Choose fun mode and open the pokie
  5. If your intention is to play with real money in the future, I recommend you to register an account at the casino
  6. Enter your personal details and open a free account
  7. Login
  8. Choose a pokie game
  9. Start playing in free mode
  10. Make a real money deposit when you want to play with real money
  11. Tip – Use a casino bonus when you make your first deposit. It increases your winning chances.
  12. Have fun playing free pokies

🎰 Play free pokies – Win Real Money with free play money

When you play free pokies you normally can’t win real money. But we have a trick to win real money while playing pokies for free.

We have arranged so-called no deposit bonuses at certain NZ online casinos. these bonuses are called no deposit bonuses because you receive them without making a real money deposit. Casinos reward you with a bonus when you open an account at their casino. They give you a number of free spins or they add an amount of free play money to your account. The most popular no deposit bonuses are the NZ$10 free bonus and the 50 free spins bonuses. With both bonuses you have the chance to play one or more pokies for free. But now you have a chance to win real money while playing these free pokies.

Free spins are worth real money and so is the bonus money you receive from certain casinos. With each spin you can win real money. Lucky players can win up to 10.000 times the bet value with a single spin. You can win real money. Keep in mind that this is a free reward from a casino and there are a few bonus terms and conditions. Most casinos that offer a no deposit bonus have a maximum win limit set on this bonus. That means you can win real money but the amount is limited. Most casinos have a maximum win between NZ$20 and NZ$100 on their no deposit bonuses.

This is how you can win real money on free pokies

  1. Choose a casino with a no deposit bonus
  2. Open the casino of your choice
  3. Register a free account
  4. activate the no deposit bonus
  5. Open a selected pokie or a pokie you like to play
  6. Start playing and winning
  7. Use your winnings on other pokies
  8. Win real money on “free pokies”


VegasPlus Casino “Featured” – Try NZ$10 Free

10 Dollar Free at VegasPlus Casino New Zealand (No Deposit Needed)

Our favorite free pokie site with a no deposit bonus is VegasPlus Casino. At VegasPlus you can play over thousand free pokies. Best of all you can play them for free and still win real money. When you open an account at vegasPlus Casino you receive NZ$10 free play money from the casino. It is up to you which pokies you are going to play with this money. And you can also decide your spin value. I recommend you to play pokies with a relative low spin value (NZ$0,10 – NZ$0,40 per spin). You can play more pokies with your free money when you play with a low spin value.

At VegasPlus casino you can win up to NZ$150 when you play free pokies. Keep an eye on your winnings because you can win more but you can only cashout a maximum of NZ$150. We don’t want you to win NZ$1.000+ not be able to withdraw it. Withdraw an amount of money when you have met all bonus terms and conditions. At VegasPlus you can use your winnings to collect an interesting 100% welcome bonus.

7.6 / 10 Score
YesLive Casino
€10 FreeBonus
Phone / ChatSupport

How to choose the right pokie game?

As mentioned above pokie games come in a wide variety and are grouped according to number of paylines, theme and number of reels. It therefore becomes hard for a player to choose the right kind of pokie game to play. However, there are criteria that can be used to choose a pokie game to play. One of these criteria is the kind of experience the player is looking for. Players looking for fun and thrill in a pokie game will choose games that have their favourite theme, characters and various imaginative settings.

If a player is out looking for financial gain they will play pokie games that offer high payouts and their odds are favorable. In order to gain profits from pokie games you must decide on a pokie game that is certified. A certified pokie game pays between 98% and 100%. This rate gives the player a chance of leaping great profits. Such pokie games are mostly found offline. Online pokies are known to pay at an average rate of 97% irrespective of the pokie developer.
What to consider when playing online pokies

There are a number of factors that players should consider in the game of online pokies. One of these factors will include real-time and promotional offers that are available. There are online casinos in New Zealand that will offer players free spins as part of their welcome bonuses. These welcome bonuses will allow players to have fun while at the same time allow them to maximize their profits.

How to pick symbols in pokie games

A random number generator is responsible for picking a random number for each reel on a pokie machine. Each number picked corresponds to a stop on its reel. The spots selected by the random number generator will be where the machine will direct the reels to come to a halt. The pokie game is usually over by the time the reels are spinning. This is because the random number generator has already selected the stops.

The pokie machines can easily let you know how much money you have won simply by putting your money in the pokie machine. Visible reels do not determine your wins but only work to show you what the random number generator picks.

💡 Pokie Strategies – Is there a pokie strategy?

Betting strategies are systems that players use to help them place bets in a certain way in various situations. Players will use strategies in a game of pokies that depends on randomness to gain control over the game and win. The strategy used mostly makes sure the player wins. There are a number of different strategies. There will be those based on a variety of patter bed bets, those based on the number of spins and those based on the size of the bet in comparison to the number of times a player wins.

Do these strategies work?

Players will play online pokies for free to determine whether the various pokies strategies will work. These strategies do not necessarily determine the outcome of a game. There are players who use them and win while others use them and get disappointed. There are also players who will play break even in a game. It is correct to state that betting strategies do not necessarily help in a game of pokies.

However, for players that use a certain strategy and it works this should not act as a discouragement for them. It is advised not to trust players or websites that promise you pokies strategies. There are no strategies! Pokie games are based on randomness and luck and there are no strategies that have been discovered that have changed this fact.

Future of pokie games

Pokie machine games are expected to continue to grow owing to the development of new movies, video games and television shows. This is because most pokie games that are released revolve around these shows. Innovations in technology also will contribute to the immense growth of the pokie game industry.


Players will also choose a pokie game depending on the number of paylines available. There are a number of complicated pokie machines that are set aside for more experienced players. These machines have greater wins to offer even though they require more effort from the player. Play online pokie games for free in any of the certified casinos available in various casino websites.

💬 Frequently Asked Question

Can I play free pokies without registration?
Yes you can. Most pokie sites offer you the opportunity to play free pokies without an account. At their casino you can open a pokie game and play it in free play mode or the so-called “fun mode”. Keep notice that you can’t win real money in fun mode. And at most casinos fun mode is only available for a limited amount of time.
How can I win money with free pokies?
Claim a no deposit bonus at an online casino. Use the no deposit free spins or free play money on pokies. Now you are playing pokies for free but you can still win some real money.
Are pokies available on my tablet and smarthone?
Yes most free pokie machines are available on your mobile devices. You need an internet connection and an internet browser. When you open a casino on your mobile device you can open a mobile friendly version of a pokie machine.
How many free pokies can I play?
At the moment you can play over 4.000 free pokies at most online casinos in New Zealand. Every month game providers launch new pokies because they are so popular.
Can I switch to real money mode while playing
Yes. When you are playing pokies in fun mode you can switch to real money mode. You can only switch to real money mode when you are logged in and when you have money in your account.

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