How can I get support at an online casino?

When you have a question you can’t find in our extensive F.A.Q. section you might want to contact the casino where you are playing at. But how does this work? In general, most online casinos are easy to contact. Especially the larger and more serious online casinos make sure customers are happy and their problems are solved as quickly as possible. Most players prefer to get help through email or a live chat, but some casinos also offer a phone line and or support through social media. Below I will explain how you can easily contact most online casinos, and which options are the best for which situation.


Live Chat Support

When you have a quick and easy question about something you can best open a live chat. After opening a live chat they will probably ask your username and what you question is. Depending on how busy it is a support agent will welcome you to the chat within minutes. After reading your question you will get a direct response or the support agents will look up some things before answering your question. When the live chat is very busy you will most of the time be able to send a question through the chat and a support agent will answer it later. This response will be send to your email address.


Live Chat Support at One Casino

Live Chat Support at One Casino


Email Support

At most online casinos you will also be able to ask a question by sending an email. This is a good options when you have a more complicated question or a complaint. Why? In this way the casino can take their time to respond and you will have everything collected in one email history. After sending in an email most casinos will notify you that they have received your email in good order. In addition to this most casinos will respond to the email within 24 hours.


Free Phone Support

Do you prefer direct contact with a support agent? Then you might want to call the casino. Not all casinos offer a phone line, but most larger casino do offer free phone support. In some cases this phone line is free, and sometimes you will need to pay additional phone costs. Depending on how busy it is this can be a good, or an annoying way of contacting the casino. At some casinos the phone line is very busy, and because of this you will need to wait for a long time. But some other casinos have plenty of support agents and they only let you wait between a few and ten minutes. In this case a phone line is a perfect way of getting personalized help.


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Contact Form

If you have a question which has no hurry you can also use the contact form which most casinos show on their support page. A contact form works very easy and is almost the same as sending an email. You simply fill in your name, email address and a subject. Once done, you can start setting up a message in which you explain your question or problem. When done you can press ‘’Send’’ and you message will be delivered at the support department of the casino. At most online casinos you will get a response within 24 hours.


Call Back Support

At some casinos you will have the option to use the call back feature, which is pretty user friendly. All you have to do is fill in your phone number and a support agent will call you when they have time. Depending on the casino you can sometimes also add a time frame in which you expect the casino to call. In this way you don’t have to wait, but you can still get personal support through a phone line.


F.A.Q. Section

Before contacting the casinos support department you can also try to look up your question in the F.A.Q. section of the casino. Some online casinos offer a very extensive frequently asked questions section with hundreds of questions and their answers. By using the F.A.Q. you can sometimes easily safe yourself some time and stress.


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