May 2, 2022

Teen Patti Live

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Teen Patti Live

Ezugi Live Teen Patti available at LeoVegas India

When you ask in Europe what Teen Patti is then most people won’t be able to give you an answer. But when you do this in India then it is a whole different thing! Teen Patti is a popular card game which originates from India. The game is played with only three cards and it has influences of poker. Teen Patti translation into English is ‘’Three cards’’ which give you an idea why they choose this name. Although most people call it Teen Patti there are also people who call it Flush, 3 Card Poker or Flash.

In this article I will explain how to play Teen Patti Live. This piece of information is of course only interesting if you don’t know how to play it yet. When you do know how to play it then I still have other interesting information for you. In this whole article I will also learn you how and where you can play this game online. This includes how you can play this game with real money from your computer or smart device. While signing up your account at any of the Indian casinos that offer Teen Patti Live you can claim interesting bonuses. I will also explain how these bonuses work and what you will need to mind. So let’s start!

Basics behind Teen Patti

  • In general this game is played in a group of 3 to 6 players;
  • A full pack of cards is used without Jokers (52 cards);
  • You can play against each other for a pot of against the house;
  • When playing antes only this game offers a theoretical RTP of 96,63%;
  • The pair or better side bet offers a RTP of 95,5% and the 3 + 3 bonus side bet 91,44%.
  • Each player get’s three cards which they need to make a hand with;
  • Every player can decide to play or fold with their hand;
  • The party with the best combinations wins;

What is Live Teen Patti?

The most popular card game in India is Teen Patti. This game originated from India but it is now played all over South Asia. If you want an easy explanation then Teen Patti is a simplified version of Poker. Although Teen Patti is the real name many people also call it Flash, Flush, Three Card Brag or Three Card Poker.

When we talk about ‘’Live Teen Patti’’ then we mean the game of Teen Patti but then in a live casino environment. In this live casino you will play against the house. Normally you would play Teen Patti against your friends in order to win a pot. But when you play live you will play against the dealer. While playing Teen Patti Live you will not play for an increasing pot but for winnings according to a paytable. While playing Teen Patti Live you will also be able to place side bets to increase the excitement and winnings. Side bets pay additional winnings for certain winning combinations such as pairs and sequences.

Basically Teen Patti Live is an online software based version of your favourite game. Through the power of the internet you can enjoy this game from any location. All you need is a device and a stable internet connection. You won’t have to download any software so playing on your smartphone or tablet is also no problem.

Play Teen Patti Live for Real Money

Currently there is one game provider that offers a live version of Teen Patti in English and Hindi. Live casino provider Ezugi offers this popular game straight from their state-of-the-art game studio in Romania. While playing Teen Patti Live you will enjoy a real life dealer. Simply start up the game and follow all the action through a live HD-video connection. In addition to this you will hear the dealer and you can chat with the dealer and other players. All in all I am sure you will like to full experience. Check out the table below to find casinos that offer Teen Patti Live by Ezugi.

Wildz CasinoWildz Casino₹50,000
200 Free Spins
Perfect online casinoEzugi LivePlay at Wildz
LeoVegas CasinoLeoVegas₹80,000 BonusPerfect online casinoEzugi LiveLeoVegas Casino
Megapari Casino IndiaMegapari₹125,000 Bonus
300 Free Spins
Perfect online casinoSuper Spade Live + Evoplay AutomatedPlay at Megapari Casino
Genesis CasinoGenesis CasinoUp to ₹8,000
Perfect online casinoEzugi LiveCasumo Casino

”Teen Patti is the perfect addition to our live portfolio and we’re banking on it being a big hit. The game originated from the English game three-card brag and has Poker influences to make it resonate with players. Two side bets provide chances to win big too.” Ezugi Business Development Director Pang Goh.

About Ezugi

One of todays popular live casino providers is Ezugi. This game provider was founded in 2013 and grew quickly and because of that competitors saw it as a threat. This resulted in Evolution Gaming buying the whole company. Although this happened Ezugi still operates as a independent company. Currently Ezugi offers over 20 different live casino games. This includes Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Andar Bahar Live, Poker, Teen Patti Live and more. Ezugi broadcasts their games from studios in Romania, Belgium and Costa Rica. Dealers speak various languages including English, Hindi, Spanish and Turkish. One of the unique features of Ezugi games is that you can request live music at any time. Pretty special right?

How to make a deposit online?

When you want to play Live Teen Patti online for real money then you will need to make a deposit first. There are various options available to do this. In my opinion the following options are the most suitable for Indian players;

  1. Bank transfer; You can deposit funds into your casino account by making a deposit straight from your bank account. In most cases this is very easy but sometimes withdrawing funds to your bank account can be a problem. In this case you will need to withdrawal to an alternative options. A good solution for this is using an e-Wallet as explained below.
  2. E-Wallet; A popular payment option are e-Wallets. They act as a bridge between your bank and the casino. You can upload funds to your e-Wallet such as MuchBetter, Skrill and Neteller. Once done, you can use this payment option in the casino. When you win funds you can transfer the money back from MuchBetter, Skrill or Neteller to your bank account.
  3. Mobile payment; Not a lot of online casino support mobile payments. Although this is the case this option is fast, easy and secure. Two popular options to deposit and withdraw are Google Pay and Paytm. If you want to use this option you will need to activate UPI on your bank account. In this video you will learn more about making payment through UPI.
  4. Credit or debit card; Using a credit card such as VISA or Mastercard you can make quick and easy transfers. Most online casinos support Indian cards including LeoVegas and Wildz Casino. In some cases making ‘’Gambling’’ deposits using a credit card can be an issue. Some payment processors block these types of payments leaving you unable to deposit funds.

Making a deposit can be a challenge is some cases. Because of this I think it you should pick the option that suits your situation the best.

How to play a round of Teen Patti Live?

  1. Place your main bet. Most table allow you to bet somewhere between ₹100,- and ₹40,000. You can also place side bets. I will explain how the side bets work later on;
  2. The croupier will deal three cards face up for the player and three card face down for the dealer;
  3. You can decide whether you want to play or fold. If you fold you will loose your main bet (ante). When you want to play you will need to double up your ante. The side bets will stay whether you play or fold;
  4. The dealer needs to qualify for the round with a Queen or higher. If the dealer doesn’t qualify the player automatically wins the round;
  5. When the dealer does qualify both hands will be compared. The best combination wins the game;

Video: How to play Ezugi Teen Patti Live

In the video below you will see how you can experience Live Teen Patti from the comfort of your own home. Ezugi uses top quality systems to offer you the best experience. This includes HD-quality footages, crystal clear sounds and impressive graphics. Sign up your free account at LeoVegas India, Wildz Casino or Megapari to start playing.

What are the best hands during Teen Patti?

During any round of Teen Patti you will need to make the best combination possible using your three card. The combinations in the game of Teen Patti are very similar to the ones during Poker. That’s the main reason why many people refer to this game as 3 Card Poker. Below I will explain the combinations from best to worst.

  1. Trail (Set); The best hand you can have during Teen Patti is a trail. During Poker you will call this a set. A trail consists of three of the same cards. For example; Three aces or three nines.
  2. Pure Sequence; You have a pure sequence when you have a royal flush in poker. So the card need to be in order to the deck and the same suit. For example; A 7, 8 and 9 of diamonds. A sequence with Ace high is the best. A sequence with Ace, 2 and 3 is also possible and even the second best sequence.
  3. Sequence; A street but not of the same suit. For example Ace of Diamonds, a 2 of Spades and a 3 of Clovers.
  4. Colour (Flush); This means you have three cards of the same suit. For example a 3,6 and 9 of Hearts. In Poker you would call this a flush.
  5. Pair; The second worst combination is a pair. For example two Aces or two Nines. The higher your card, the better the pair. A pair of Kings wins over a pair of Tens.
  6. High Card; The worst hand which you can have is a high card. This happens when you have none of the previous combinations. A high card Ace wins from a high card Queen for example.

Paytable Teen Patti Live Ezugi

Placing side bets during Teen Patti Live

Online you can play Live Teen Patti by Ezugi for example. During this game you will have additional betting options. We call this side bets. In most cases you will have two options, pair or better or 3 + 3 bonus. You will win the first side bet when you hit a pair of better with your own three cards. This comes down to anything better then a high card. For example a pair, sequence or trail. When you win this side bet you will be paid according to the paytable. A pair will get you 1 to 1. Better combinations will get you better prizes. A flush pays 3 to 1, a straight 6 to 1 and a three or a kind 30 to 1. On top of this a straight flush pays 40 to 1 and a royal flush even 200 to 1. Although these payouts are very interesting it is pretty rare to hit a good combination.

When you place a bet on the 3 + 3 bonus you will need to make the best combination possible using your cards and the ones of the dealer. Depending on the strength of the hand that you can make you can win interesting multipliers. Below I will explain which 3 + 3 bonus outcomes wins you how much;

  • Royal Flush; Hitting a Royal Flush is very rare, and that’s why you will win 1000 to 1. You will need 10 to Ace of the same suit between your and the dealers cards. For example Ten to Ace all Hearts.
  • Straight Flush; A Straight Flush is still very hard to hit. You will need a straight of the same suit. For example; 3,4,5,6 and 7 of Spades. This pays 200 to 1.
  • Four of a Kind; When you hit for of the same symbols you will be paid 40 to 1.
  • Full House; Get a three or a kind and a pair. For example; Three Aces and two Tens. This pays 25 to 1.
  • Flush; Get five cards of the same suit. For example; A 2, 4, 8, Queen and Ace of Clovers.
  • Straight; A straight appears when you get five consecutive cards. For example; 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King. This pays 10 to 1.
  • Three or a Kind; Getting three or the same values will get you 5 to 1. For example; Three Jacks.

Tips while playing Teen Patti

  • It is recommended to only play hands with Queen + 6 + 4 or higher.
  • If you are looking to win money then the side bets are not recommended. You should only use them when playing for pure entertainment purposes.

Teen Patti Live bonus offers

People from India who want to start playing Live Teen Patti online will be able to take advantage of various interesting bonus offers. Using these bonus offers players can get a nice head start in the casino. During your first deposit most casinos double up your total amount with a 100% deposit bonus. In addition to this some casino will also add some free spins to your account. Below I will highlight some of the most popular bonus offers for Indian players.

Wildz Casino – Claim ₹50,000,- Bonus + 200 Free Spins ✔ Active

First off I would like to start mentioning that Wildz is a great choice for players from India. This casino accepts Indian players can offers a separate Indian website. On this site you will only find the best games and they have bonus offer available in Rupees. Indian players that get started at Wildz Casino can enjoy various great bonus offers. During your first deposit you can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to ₹50,000. You can trigger this bonus by making a deposit of ₹1,000 or more. All in all this bonus means Wildz will double every deposit you make between ₹1,000,- and ₹50,000.

To keep thing fair the casino does ask you to wager your bonus. The regular wager requirement for slot games at Wildz is 35x. For live casino games such as Live Teen Patti this requirement is higher because you can play most games at a very low risk. Because of this the rollover requirement for live casino games is 70x. When you example claim a ₹2,000 bonus you will need to wager a total of ₹140,000. Once done, the bonus will be converted into real cash. You can withdrawal this at any time. While wagering your bonus the maximum bet allowed is ₹500 per spin or ₹50 per bet line.

In addition to your 100% deposit bonus you will receive 200 free spins after you made the minimum deposit at Wildz India. These free spins will be available in 8 consecutive days. The first 25 free spins will be credited to your account right away. You can play these on Book of Dead. After this you will receive 175 more free spins in a total of 7 days. You can play them on great slots such as Starburst, Eastern Emeralds, Fire Joker, Twin Spin, Reactoonz, Gonzo’s Quest and Vikings go Berzerk. Ready to get started? Then sign up your free account on this page!

Play Live Teen Patti with ₹50,000,- Bonus at Wildz Casino

About Wildz India

Indian players that a looking for a fresh and modern online casino will definitely enjoy Wildz Casino. Wildz was founded in 2019 and since then it has become very popular on our website. The main reason for this is that Wildz offers a user friendly website powered by Rootz and a solid game portfolio. In the lobby you will find slot games by all major providers such as Play’n Go, Push Gaming, NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Red Tiger, Pragmatic Play and Gamomat. On top of this the casino offer a great selection of live dealer games and game shows. This includes Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and of course Teen Patti by top tier providers such as Evolution Gaming and Ezugi. All in all we think Wildz is a great choice since the casino offers;

  1. A quick and user friendly 1 minute registration process;
  2. Instant deposits and fast cashouts;
  3. Generous welcome bonuses and reload offers;
  4. Branded live casino tables and a wide range of slot games;
  5. Professional service around the clock in English, Hindi, German, Norwegian and Finnish;
  6. More rewards, wins and a cashback up to 20% for loyal customer;

Since Wildz is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority you can be sure this casino meets important quality standards. The team behind has also reviewed this casino and have gave it a very feedback. We rate this casino with a 8.7 out of 10. Keys benefits of this casino is usability, mobile friendliness and customer rewards. Ready to get started at Wildz? Then sign up your free account and claim your 100% bonus + 200 Free Spins.

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LeoVegas Teen Patti Bonus –  Claim up to ₹80,000 extra ✔ Active

Everybody knows Indian players love live casino games like Teen Patti. Because of this one of our recommendations is to sign up an account at LeoVegas Casino. In my opinion LeoVegas offers the best live casino around. The main reason for this is that LeoVegas offers a massive selection of live casino games. These are provided by top tier game providers such as Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, NetEnt Live and Authentic Gaming. On top of that LeoVegas offers a nice range of their own branded live table games in the Chambre Séparée. Because of this there is always something new to play at LeoVegas.

To make you feel welcome LeoVegas has set up a huge welcome package. Using this welcome package you can receive up to ₹80,000 extra. You can spend this bonus on live casino games such as Teen Patti Live. During your first deposit you can claim up to ₹20,000 bonus. But how much you receive all depends on how much you deposit.  You can trigger the first deposit bonus by making a minimum deposit of ₹1,000. Everyone who makes a deposit between ₹1,000 and ₹4,999 will receive the minimum bonus of ₹1,000. When you deposit ₹5,000 up to ₹9,999 you will receive a ₹5,000 bonus. Players who deposit ₹10,000 up to ₹19,999 will get a ₹10,000 bonus. When you want to receive the maximum bonus you will need to deposit ₹20,000 or more. Once done, a ₹20,000 bonus will be added to your account instantly.

During your second deposit you can reload your account with another bonus. This bonus also has a maximum value of ₹20,000. When you deposit between ₹10,000 and ₹4,999 you will get the minimum bonus of ₹500. When you have a higher budget you can also;

  1. Deposit between ₹5,000 and ₹9,999 to get a ₹2,500 bonus;
  2. Make a deposit between ₹10,000 and ₹19,999 to receive a ₹5,000 bonus;
  3. Claim a ₹10,000 bonus by making a deposit between ₹20,000 and ₹39,999;
  4. Collect the maximum bonus of ₹20,000 by depositing ₹40,000 or more;

Your last deposit bonus at LeoVegas India will be available during your third deposit. During this deposit you will receive a 25% bonus with a minimum of ₹250. Make a ₹1,000 deposit to receive this bonus. The maximum bonus is available by making a deposit of ₹160,000 or more. In this case you will receive ₹40,000 extra. During your third deposit you can also collect a ₹2.500, ₹5,000, ₹10,000 or ₹20,000 bonus. On the LeoVegas website you can see how much bonus you receive with which deposit. Ready to get started? Then open your free account on this page!

LeoVegas Teen Patti Bonus - Claim up to ₹80,000 extra

About LeoVegas India

LeoVegas is referred to as one of the best online casino in the world. This resulted in many prizes and awards. This includes awards for ‘Online Casino of the Year’ at the Global Gaming Awards and ‘Mobile Operator of the Year’ at the International Gaming Awards in 2019. The great thing about LeoVegas Casino is that it is now also available in India. From now on Indian player can have access to over 2,000 casino games from the comfort of their own home. This includes a massive selection of slots, table games, live casino games and jackpot games. In the lobby you will find many popular games including specific games for Indian players such as Teen Patti Live and Andar Bahar Live. On top of this LeoVegas offers sports betting on popular Indian sports such as cricket, badminton and football. This ensures this platform can help you with all your gambling needs.

Indian players that want to play Teen Patti Live at LeoVegas can now receive up to ₹80,000 in bonuses. This total amount of bonus is available by making three deposit. But after enjoying the welcome offers it doesn’t stop. At LeoVegas you will be able to enjoy various promotions and tournaments every week. On top of this you will sometimes receive tailored bonus offers which really suit your needs. All in all LeoVegas is very generous with bonuses and promotions. Please note you do need to accept receiving bonus in your account by opting in. Once done, LeoVegas can offer you bonuses whenever they are available. This makes the casino perfectly suitable for people who like to play with bonus offers.

All in all LeoVegas offers loads of benefits. The casino for example offers a massive amount of games, support around the clock and a very user friendly website. At LeoVegas you can also make easy and secure payments. A few recommended payment options are Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, AstroPay Card and EcoPayz. Especially the E-wallets work well since they allow you to easily transfer money from your bank to the casino and back. Depositing using bank transfer is also possible but in some cases it can be hard to withdraw winning back to your bank. When you deposit from an Indian account at AXIS Bank India, HDFC Bank, IDBI BANK, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Standard Chartered Bank or Bank Of America you will probably need a different source to withdraw funds to such as an E-wallet. All in all we would recommend LeoVegas for the following reasons;

  • Popular Indian games available including Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.
  • Great collection of other casino games such as slots and jackpot games.
  • Indian support available around the clock.
  • Sports betting and live betting supported.
  • Live chat available on website.
  • Best mobile casino around.
  • Claim up to ₹80,000 in (live casino) bonuses.!
  • Enjoy the Free LeoVegas App for iOs and Android.
  • Various secure payment options.
  • Multiple Welcome Offers.
  • HD Quality Live Casino Streams.
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Play Teen Patti at Genesis – Claim ₹30,000 Bonus ✔ Active

One other great Indian casino where you can find a wide range of live casino games is Genesis. At Genesis you will be able to play various types of live entertainment from the comfort of your own home. This includes all traditional casino games such as Andar Bahar, Blackjack, Baccarat, Teen Patti, Poker and Roulette. On top of this Genesis offers the full range of live game shows by Evolution Gaming. This means you can play all top games including Lightning Roulette, Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal Live and Side Bet City.

When you now open your account at Genesis you can deposit from as low as ₹800 per transactions. Do you wish to play with high stakes? That is also no issue. At Genesis you can deposit up to ₹400,00 per day. Genesis supports many popular payment options including VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller and ecoPayz.

During your first deposit Genesis offers you a 100% live casino bonus. You can trigger this bonus by making a minimum first deposit in the casino. If you have more budget you can also claim a higher bonus. During your first deposit you can get a bonus up to ₹8,000. When you for example make a ₹3,000 deposit you will get a ₹3,000 bonus. In this case you can start playing with a ₹6,000 total balance.

On top of the 100% live casino bonus Genesis also offers a unique live casino cashback promotions for Indian players. When you opt-in for this promotion you can get a 10% cashback bonus every Tuesday. Simple play games from the live casino section and get up to ₹16,000 cashback. When you qualify for the cashback you will get your funds back every Tuesday by 15:00 GMT.

Ready to try out Teen Patti Live or Bet on Teen Patti at Genesis? Then register your free account on this page!

Play Teen Patti at Genesis - Claim ₹8,000 Bonus

About Genesis

Not everyone will be familiar with this online casinos so I will give you a small summary of what you can expect from Genesis. This casino was launched in 2018 and it is operated by Genesis Global Limited. This is an very experienced iGaming company which runs various other online casinos. This includes Casoola, Casino Gods, Sloty, Casino Joy, Spinit, Casino Cruise and Casino Planet.

Genesis is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. Both these organisations have strict rules and because of this their licensed have a lot of value for players. The fact that Genesis holds both these valuable licenses means they are a serious casino with a high level of player protection. That they have these two licensed also means there are always organisations to go to when you have a dispute with the casino. In this case the licensee organisation will investigate the case.

On top of Indian specific live casino games such as Andar Bahar and Live Teen Patti Genesis offers a wide range of other games. All in all Genesis is home to over 2.000 games. This includes video slots, table games, video poker games and jackpot games. In the lobby you will find games by all top tier providers including NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n Go, Pragmatic Play, Quickspin, Red Tiger, Relax, Yggdrasil and iSoftBet.

In addition to reliable and filled with entertainment Genesis India offers more benefits. As a regular player you can for example join the VIP club. As a member of the VIP club you will enjoy many benefits. This includes exclusive bonus offers, entrance to VIP events, a dedicated manager, monthly prize draws, birthday gifts, personal withdrawal service and more. One other thing which is organized well is the banking section. Genesis offers a lot of payment options which are instant and free to use. It is also great you can make deposit from as low as ₹800. All in all I would recommend Genesis based on the following advantages;

  • Many great promotions available including a 100% bonus and a weekly cashback.
  • Great live casino games including Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.
  • Phone and live chat support integrated.
  • Wide selection of reliable payment options.
  • Licensed by MGA and UK Gambling Commission.
  • Fine choice for mobile gambling.
  • Part of very reputable casino group.
  • Massive selection of slots games and jackpot games.
  • Protected by state-of-the-art SSL-encryption.
  • Deposits using Indian Rupees supported.
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