April 13, 2021

Gransino Bonus Review – 200 Free Spins + C$750 welcome bonus

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Gransino Bonus Review – 200 Free Spins + C$750 welcome bonus

gransino bonus review free spins

This post is about one of our new exciting partners. This year we partnered up with a brand-new online casino who is definitely worth reviewing thoroughly. This post is about Gransino Casino. An online casino who has just been introduced to the world. The first thing that came to our minds when we visited this online casino for the first time, was that it is something completely new. A vibrant, clean design with awesome games, very attractive bonuses, a sportsbook and a clear navigation. So, if we got your attention, you should keep reading.

In this Gransino Casino review, we are going to discuss a very interesting welcome bonus first. After this welcome bonus review, we will share information and reviews about other bonuses, the games of Gransino Casino, and the customer service among others.

At this moment, Gransino Casino offers a first deposit bonus with 200 Free Spins and up to C$750 of free bonus money for our Canadian players. We think this is a very attractive welcome bonus. Furthermore, we will review all the details of this bonus. But first, let’s share some important details about this exciting new online casino first.

  • Great bonuses like a 200 Free Spins + C$750 welcome bonus
  • Over 2200 games from the best game providers, including live casino games
  • Owned and operated by the reliable Araxio Development N.V.
  • Wide offer in sport and virtual sports betting
  • 24/7 customer service with live chat
  • Multiple payment options, including cryptocurrencies
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Fast withdrawals


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200 Free Spins + C$750 welcome bonus ✔ Active

At the safe and secure Gransino Casino, new Canadian players can seriously take advantage of an interesting welcome bonus. At this moment, Gransino Casino offers newly registered players 200 Free Spins and a 100% bonus up to C$750. This bonus is for players who are ready to make their first deposit. So, if you want to start playing with real money, this could be the right casino and bonus for you. Just to keep it as simple as possible, we are going to answer some important questions first.

How do I receive 200 Free Spins and a 100% bonus?

This welcome bonus is for players from Canada who successfully made a first deposit at Gransino Casino. To start this process, you need to create an account first. The registration process starts with the question which bonus you would like to select. Choose the bonus which says: 100% up to C$750+ 200 Free Spins. After this, you enter your personal information. Once you have finalized your registration, you are ready to make a first deposit. The minimum deposit to receive the welcome bonus is C$30. Once you’ve completed the deposit, you receive the first 20 spins and a 100% bonus. This means Gransino Casino doubles the value of the deposit. Not bad, right? The bonus money is transferred to your bonus account. From this moment, you are ready to start playing.

Can I win real Canadian dollars with my 200 Free Spins?

The answer to this question is yes. For 10 days in a row, you will receive 20 free spins from Gransino Casino. The first 20 free spins are added immediately after a successful deposit. With the free spins, players can win an amount of real money up to C$80. The winnings coming from the free spins are added to the bonus account. With your free spins, it’s possible to choose from a selection of slots. Therefore, it is wise to practise the gameplay of a few available slots in a demo version, before playing with your real money spins.

Why does Gransino Casino offer free bonus money and free spins?

The reliable Gransino Casino is a brand-new online casino. This is why they need to attract new players. They try to attract new players with the best games, an interesting theme and a proper customer service among others. One the most effective ways to attract new players is offering interesting bonuses. As a player, you can take advantage of the competitive landscape of the online gambling industry. And with the terms and conditions, they don’t just give money away. Gransino Casino ‘invites’ visitors to start playing their games. Players receive bonus money and free spins, but to be able to make this money yours, it needs to meet a playthrough condition.

About the terms and condition of this bonus

Casino bonuses with free spins always come with terms and conditions and with this welcome bonus from Gransino Casino, it’s not different. We always advise to be fully aware of the terms and conditions, before you decide to use the bonus. We are happy to inform you about the most important conditions of this bonus. The most important condition is always about the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements simply mean a certain amount of money or chips. When an online casino refers to a wagering requirement of 30, it means the money coming from a bonus needs to be played at least 30 times. This bonus also comes with a wagering coefficient of 30. This concerns the deposit and 100% bonus.

Let’s give you an example. If you make a deposit of C$20, you will receive an extra C$20 worth of bonus money. So, you will start playing with C$40. With the wagering requirements of 30, you need to play a total amount of C$40 x 30 = C$1200. You can divide this total amount over as many bets you want. Is every game available for money wagering? No, not every game at Gransino Casino is available for wagering, but a lot of games and especially a lot of slots are available. Beneath you find an overview of the available game categories and contribution to wagering.

  • Slots (games are excluded), Bingo Scratch Card and Keno – 100% contribution
  • All live games excluding Baccarat – 10% contribution
  • All table and card games excluding Baccarat – 10% contribution
  • Video poker – 10%
  • Other games are excluded
  • Please check the website of Gransino for excluded slots


Winnings coming from the 200 free spins come with a different wagering requirement. The wagering coefficient for Free Spins is 40. So, it is a bit more challenging to ‘free’ this bonus money, but it is certainly not impossible. And it is a real chance of winning money with free spins.

To give you a complete overview of all terms and conditions, we divided the list between the 200 Free Spins and the 100% bonus up to C$750. We start with the conditions of the 200 Free Spins.

  • 200 Free Spins in total
  • 20 Free Spins a day, for 10 days in a row
  • Maximum winnings C$80
  • Choose between multiple slots (slots are excluded)
  • Wagering requirement of winnings 40x
  • Wagering within 10 days
  • Minimum deposit C$30


Beneath you find the terms and conditions of the 100% bonus.

  • 100% bonus up to C$750
  • Unlimited winnings
  • Play multiple games for wagering (different contributions)
  • Maximum bet C$8
  • Wagering requirements 30x
  • Wagering within 10 days
  • Not in combination with other bonuses


Want to try 200 Free Spins and €500 Gransino bonus? Click here, open a free account and make your first real money deposit.

Weekend Reload Bonus – 50% bonus up to C$1,050+ 50 Free Spins ✔ Active

In this Gransino Casino review, we don’t stop after the first welcome bonus. And this also counts for rewarding at Gransino Casino. Canadian players keep getting rewarded after the first deposit. One of the available bonuses for all players at Gransino Casino is this 50% bonus up to an incredible amount of C$1,050. Talking about a huge amount of free money. And on top of this 50% bonus, players receive 50 Free Spins. We consider this to be a pretty good way to start the weekend and hopefully win some serious money.

You can probably see it coming, but this bonus is only available during the weekend. This means you can take advantage of the Weekend Reload bonus on a Friday, Saturday or on Sunday. To get access to this 50% bonus and 50 Free Spins, you have to deposit C$75 or more. If you deposit between C$30 and C$75, you will only receive the 50% bonus. With the 200 Free Spins of the Gransino Casino welcome bonus as mentioned above, it is possible to win real money up to C$120 with the free spins. This Gransino Casino Weekend Reload bonus also offers that possibility. 50 Free Spin isn’t 200 Free Spins, but you will receive the 50 Free Spins right away. So, you can start playing immediately with your 50 Free Spins at a selected slot. The winnings from the 50 Free Spins are being added to your bonus account. From this moment, the wagering challenge starts.

gransino weekly bonus

The wagering requirement of this Weekend Reload Bonus is similar to the welcome bonus with the 200 Free Spins. The wagering coefficient related to the 50 Free Spins is 40x. This means you have to bet the winnings coming from the Free Spins at least 40 times. For example, if you won C$30 with the 50 Free Spins, you need to play C$30 x 40 = C$1200.

The wagering requirements of the 50% Reload Bonus is 30x. This concerns the deposit and bonus amount. So, if you make a deposit of C$50, Gransino Casino adds another C$25 to your bonus account. In order to wager the money, you need to play a total of C$75 x 30 = C$2250. Given the fact that the maximum bet is per spin is C$8, the wagering can be completed in 510 spins. This might seem like a challenging amount. This certainly is, but to our experience it isn’t impossible to wager the bonus. It just comes down to the type of player you are. If you love to play for a while and you are not looking for a quick win, this Weekend Reload bonus could be an interesting one.

You might wonder if you can play any game you want with this bonus. The answer is that you can choose between a lot of games from different categories. Unfortunately, some slot games are excluded from wagering and the contribution can vary from category to category. In general, slots contribute for the full 100% to bonus wagering and other categories like Table and Card games, Video Poker and Live games count for 10% to bonus wagering. Live Casino games are not available for Canadians with an active bonus balance.

To give you a proper overview of the terms and conditions of this Weekend Reload Bonus, we created a list of the most important details.

  • 50% bonus up to C$1,050
  • Including 50 Free Spins
  • Available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • Unlimited winnings
  • Maximum bet C$8
  • Minimum deposit C$30
  • Mimimum deposit for the extra free spins is C$75
  • Maximum winnings with free spins C$120
  • Play multiple games (games are excluded)
  • One active bonus at a time
  • Wagering requirements 30x
  • Wagering requirements winnings free spins 40x
  • 50 Free Spins are appointed to a selected slot game


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15% Live Casino bonus up to C$375 ✔ Active

Gransino Casino also offers a wide range of Live Casino games. The selection of Live Casino games isn’t the biggest we have ever seen, but it is still possible to play games from all popular Live Casino categories like Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat. As you might know, Live Casino games are played with real dealers, real fellow gamblers and come as close as possible to the real casino deal. It’s no surprise that the Live Casino games are one of the most popular games within the Canadian online gambling industry.

At the moment, Gransino Casino offers a very interesting cashback bonus at the Live Casino section. Gransino Casino returns 15% Live Casino cashback up to an amount of C$375. We don’t often come across Live Casino bonuses, so this bonus could be a good reason to start playing at Gransino Casino. You might wonder if the cashback is being transferred as bonus money or real money. Well, let’s give you the answer. The cashback bonus is being credited as cash credit, which means the money is free to use on any game you want, without any restrictions.

Whether this bonus is interesting for you depends on if you have interest in playing Live Casino games. Which you should, because it is a lot of fun and very exciting. The cashback bonus is only available in the Live Casino section and for newly registered Canadians. Of course, we hope you don’t lose any money. But if you do, it is nice to have a safety net which could potentially bring all your money back. At BestBettingCasinos.com, we often use a good cashback bonus, because a lot of times it just feels like a new opportunity to win real money.

It is good to be aware of the fact that this is the only active bonus on Live Casino. So, if you want to try a Live Casino game anyway, please make sure to select this bonus. The following terms and conditions are important to know, before selecting this 15% Live Casino cashback bonus.

  • 15% cashback on Live Casino up to C$375
  • For newly registered players
  • Credited as real cash
  • Only available in Live Casino
  • Minimum cashback is C$7
  • Minimum deposit C$55
  • Active when losing within 48 hours after deposit


Gransino Casino VIP program

At Gransino Casino, frequent players get rewarded. If you start playing at Gransino Casino, you can collect chips, unlock achievements and earn rewards along the way. The more you play and bet at Gransino Casino, the more chips you can earn. After collecting chips and unlocking achievements, you can access a new VIP level or a so-called VIP room.

Different VIP rooms come with additional privileges. So, in other words, loyalty is being rewarded at Gransino Casino. There are two major advantages when accessing a higher VIP room. Starting from the third VIP room, players will receive a standard cashback amount and the monthly withdrawal limits will increase. From this VIP room, it’s getting really interesting to access a new VIP level. Beneath, you find an overview over the VIP rooms and privileges.

  • 1st VIP room – Monthly withdrawal limit C$15,000
  • 2nd VIP room – Monthly withdrawal limit C$15,000
  • 3rd VIP room – Cashback 5% & monthly withdrawal limit C$18,000
  • 4th VIP room – Cashback 10% & monthly withdrawal limit C$23,000
  • 5th VIP room – Cashback 15% & monthly withdrawal limit C$30,000


On top of this privileges, players from Canada will receive occasional personal bonuses and a personal account manager from the third VIP room and up. So, there is a lot to play for at Gransino Casino. Is this exceptional? Yes and no, because a lot of online casinos offer interesting privileges to their loyal customers. And the other hand, most of the online casinos don’t offer a standard cashback.

Gransino Casino Sportsbook

Gransino Casino doesn’t only offer a wide range of games from well-known and respected game providers. They also offer a Sportbook, which means it is possible to bet on real sport events, live sports and even virtual sports. How about that? At the Sportbook of Gransino Casino, you can bet on events from sport categories like football, basketball, tennis, golf, MMA and a lot more! So, it doesn’t really matter what your expertise is, as long as you have a good feeling about making predictions and selecting the winning team or player.

The Sportbook of Gransino Casino has a few clear benefits to our opinion. The first one is the easy navigation. It is very easy to navigate yourself through the wide range of sport categories and find the teams and quotes you are looking for. The second one is that the quotes are fair and reliable. The last major benefit is the possibility to bet on virtual sports. Virtual sports are matches played by a computer. Think about a game of FIFA, only the matches are played by a random computer. Perfectly reliable and you don’t have to wait before the game starts.

Just to give a short explanation of betting at a Sportbook, let’s share some of the basics. At a Sportbook it is possible to bet on any of the available sport events. The quotes determine the potential profit you could make. It is possible to combine multiple matches and bets, but this will increase the risk of losing. On the other side, the potential winnings and therefore quote will increase significantly. So, it all comes down to how much risk you are willing to take. In the combination of multiple bets there a several options to still win money if one of the teams or players lose. If you want to learn more about betting at Sportsbooks, please write us a message and we will tell you all about it.

Sport Welcome Bonus: 100% first deposit bonus ✔ Active

Gransino Casino wants to attract all types of Canadians. With this Sport Welcome Bonus, they certainly want to attract the sport betters. At this moment, Gransino Casino offers a very attractive welcome bonus for newly registered players, who want to bet on sport events. It is a 100% first deposit bonus up to an amount of C$150.

In order to qualify for the bonus, you have to bet the full amount of the deposit at least once with odds no less than 1.50. Understandable, because otherwise it would be too attractive to only select low-risk bets. The wagering requirements are a bit different in comparison with a casino bonus. In order to wager the deposit, you need to roll over the deposit and bonus amount at least 6 times. The bets are restricted to either single sports bets with odds of at least 2.00, or multi-bets with odds of at least 1.50 per selection. If you succeed to roll over the total deposit and bonus money, it is free for you to use or withdraw at any moment.

Before you decide to use this bonus, it is good to be aware of all terms and conditions, because it determines the amount of risk you have to take. Beneath you find the most important Canadian terms and conditions of this 100% first deposit bonus on sport betting.

  • 100% first deposit bonus up to C$150
  • Available in Sportsbook
  • Unlimited winnings
  • Minimum deposit C$30
  • Credited after full play through once with odds 1.50 or more
  • Wagering requirement 6x (Germany, Switserland, Norway, Finland 5x)
  • Handicap, Over/Under, Both Team to Score, Odd/Even, Total Goals, Cashed-Out Bets or bets placed with a Free Bet do not count towards wagering
  • Wagering within 30 days
  • Maximum bet C$75
  • Only claimable once


Want to try betting on sports? Join Gransino and claim our gransino bonus for sports betting.

About the games at Gransino Casino

In this Gransino Casino review, we also reviewed the for Canadians available games. That is what it is all about in the end. After thoroughly reviewing the games from different game providers, we can only conclude that Gransino Casino offers a wide range of games for players of different skill levels. The game offer varies from classic slot machines and table games to live casino games and poker. With over 2200 games, it is not hard to find what you are looking for. There are more than enough games with a low minimum bet and some games for real highrollers who love to play with serious amounts.

We always appreciate if the online casino helps to navigate between the games and categories. We think Gransino Casino did a pretty good job, because it is very clear how to get to a specific game. For example, if you select slots, you can choose between top games, new games, jackpot, pick bonus or win multiplier. It is also possible to select game providers.

And Gransino cooperates with well-known game providers, which contributes to the reliability of the online casino and the randomness of the outcome of the game. With game providers like Habanero, Play ‘n Go, Elk Studios and Endorphina Gransino Casino is supplied with the best slot games of the online gambling industry. And with live casino game developer Evolution Gaming, also the Live Casino section is filled with high-quality games. Add providers like Red Tiger, Yggdrasil and Microgaming and both experienced players as new players have everything they need at Gransino Casino.

Mobile gaming at Gransino Casino

Without a doubt we can say that Gransino Casino is an innovative online sportsbook and casino. So, how about the mobile compatibility of the online casino and games? Given the fact that the games come from the most respected game providers, almost every game is optimized for mobile devices. The games run as smoothly on a mobile device as they run on a PC or tablet. The online casino is also 100% optimized for mobile devices. And also the navigation functionality remains clear on a mobile device.

Details Gransino Casino

Ownership: Araxio Development N.V.
License: Laws of Curacao
License number: 8048/JAZ2016-064
Registration number: 141409
Registered address: Abraham Mendez Chumaceiro Boulevard 50, Willemstad, Curacao
Founded: 2020
Affiliate program: Pegasus Affiliates

Gransino in a nutshell

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About the customer service

This Gransino Casino review isn’t complete if we haven’t discussed the customer service. We believe the customer service is one of the most important details of deciding to play at an online casino. We tried to contact the 24/7 customer service by live chat, and we received a satisfying response right away. The customer service is reachable by phone, e-mail or live chat and also available in Finnish, German, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Hindi, Hungarian, Russian and Portuguese. If you want to send an e-mail to the customer service, you can use support@gransino.com.

Payments and withdrawals

Gransino Casino wants to create a reputation of an online casino that distinguishes itself with super-fast payments. This is partly true, because not all withdrawal methods are as fast as a withdrawal with e-wallets. We do have to say that the withdrawal and deposit processes are very smooth at Gransino Casino. They offer multiple payment options and it is very clear how to run through the process.

Other than the common payment methods, it is also possible to make a deposit or withdrawal with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. For everybody who wants to play with cryptocurrencies, this could be a reason to start playing at Gransino Casino. Most of the new-born online casinos offer this option nowadays.

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