May 19, 2022

YoniBet Bonus – 100% Bonus up to €500 (Increased Offer)

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YoniBet Bonus – 100% Bonus up to €500 (Increased Offer)

yonibet bonus review

Another great collaboration has been put together. This time between and Bestbettingcasinos, especially for you, our readers. We are able to offer you a limited casino launch special Yonibet bonus of 100%. This Yonibet bonus can be used on live casinos and slots and is just a limited offer so make sure to get your bonus soon before it is too late. Yonibet is a website with a big variety of games. With over 2000 slot machines you will surely find your way to enjoy this Yonibet bonus. By the use of exceptional features they have made it their goal to provide you with the best possible gaming experience.

To give you a more detailed explanation about the Yonibet bonus, about general information of their website, a wide overview of their gaming and betting options and a broader description of the different bonuses they have, you will find the following topics on this page:

  1. The limited Yonibet bonus – 100%
  2. Other Yonibet bonuses
  3. About Yonibet
  4. The Yoniclub
  5. The Yonistore
  6. Variety of games
  7. Why you should play on
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YoniBet Bonus – Welcome Casino Bonus 100% up to €500 ✔ Active

This exclusive welcome casino bonus gives you 100% on your first deposit, up to €500. So in order to claim the maximum amount of bonus you have to make a first deposit of €500, that way your starting money will be converted into €1000. Of course the amount you would like to deposit is completely up to you, so if you prefer to make a smaller first deposit that is totally fine too. With a first deposit of €20 for example, you will start with €40. The bonus can be used to bet on casino and live casino. In order to receive this exclusive bonus you will have to make a first deposit. After you have done your first deposit you can easily get your bonus by clicking on the “claim bonus” button on the promotion page. When the necessary conditions are all approved, the support will credit the bonus to your account.

Conditions of the bonus

  • Wager x30 (on bonus amount).
  • Delays to realize the wager : 14 days.
  • Maximum bet of €5 (or equivalent) for the wagering, no maximum cashout.
  • If your bonus balance gets to 0, you play with your real balance. But, if you activate the bonus via deposit, your real balance and the bonus are attached, until your bonus expires, has been cancelled or wagered.
  • Bonus deactivates when your real balance gets below €1,-
  • Bonus winnings or associated bonus are deleted in case the wager is not reached after 14 days or if the bonus is cancelled.
  • The difference between the originally given bonus amount and the amount in your bonus balance will be deducted from your real balance before it expires.
    If you, for example, received €200 as a bonus amount, and haven’t reached the wager after 14 days, having a bonus balance of €150, the amount you have on your real balance will be deducted by €50.
  • First deposit needed to get this exclusive bonus.
  • This bonus cannot be combined with the 100% sport bonus.
  • 50% wagering are contributed by slots.
  • 10% wagering are contributed by table games and live casino.


How to collect up to €500 bonus at Yonibet

  1. Open YoniBet (click here)
  2. Register a free account
  3. Verify your account
  4. Login
  5. Choose your preferred payment method
  6. Enter your deposit amount
  7. Make your first deposit
  8. YoniBet automatically doubles your deposit amount
  9. Start playing

Other bonuses at YoniBet Casino and Sportsbetting

Yonibet also has some other bonuses besides our casino launch special bonus. These different bonuses are easy to find on their website by clicking on the “promotions” button. They have three different bonuses. namely:

  • Welcome Casino Bonus 100% up to €500
  • Welcome Sport Bonus 100% up to €100
  • Multibet Bonus


These bonuses are explained below.

Welcome Sport Bonus 100% up to €100 ✔ Active

With this Welcome Sport Bonus of 100% you will get your first deposit doubled. A 100% bonus with a maximum of €100 means that when you make a deposit of €100 your starting money will be €200.
You can use this sport bonus to bet on pre-match, e-sport, live sport, virtual sport and many more. It is easy to claim this bonus after your deposit. Just go to the promotion page and click on the “claim bonus” button. The bonus will be added to your account if you meet all the necessary conditions.
Just as other bonuses, this one also has some conditions.

The conditions to this Welcome Sport Bonus are listed below.

  • You have to bet on multiple games. (Total minimum betslip = 1.85; 2 items minimum. One item has to be at 1.40 minimum odds).
  • The wager is 10 times on the bonus amount
  • You have 14 days to reach the wager
  • First deposit is needed to get this bonus
  • When your balance gets below 1 (doesn’t matter which currency; euro’s, dollars, etc.) the bonus will be cancelled. Rule doesn’t apply in case of an open bet.
  • This bonus cannot be combined with the Welcome Casino Bonus


yonibet sport bonus

Multibet Bonus – win up to 15% extra on your bets ✔ Active

The final bonus Yonibet offers is a Multibet bonus. Your winnings are increased if you bet on at least 4 games in multibet. Just the way we like it, the more you bet, the more rewards you get. It actually works quite simple. An extra percentage of winnings is automatically applied if you place bets on at least 4 different events in multibet. The different percentages according to the amount of events bet on the ticket are as follows:

  • 4 events: 5%
  • 5 events: 7.5%
  • 6 events: 10%
  • 7 events: 12.5%
  • 8-18 events: 15%


You can also find the percentages of these additional gains in the “rules” section.
We will give you a small example. When betting €100 on 10 different multibet games, the total odds is 20.00, the amount of money you could win is €2000. Due to this bonus system your price money is not €2000, but €2300. So that is an additional €300 just because you are placing multiple bets on different games. On top of using the advantage of boosted odds, Yonibet lets you maximize your winnings. Can you imagine a better way to make your bankroll grow?

Rules and conditions of this Multibet bonus.

  • You have to place a minimum bet of €5
  • The ticket must have total odds of 2.41 or more
  • Minimum odds of 1.25 for each match
  • Multibet system applies between 4 and 18 games(included).
  • Different percentages depending on the amount of events bet on the ticket. (see rules)
  • No need to activate anything
  • You cannot use this Multibet bonus if you already have another bonus active.


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About Yonibet

Yonibet is a complete and innovative platform. The perfect place for sports betting and people who like to play online casino. Yonibet is a platform with up-to-date technologies which allow you to play in optimal conditions. By offering boosted odds, fast betting, world-renowned gaming providers and percentage extra winnings applied on combined bets, they are doing their outmost best to provide player with the best conditions.

Yonibet is created in 2019, by players for players. Because it is build up by people who have been working in this field for multiple years. Yonibet is operated and owned by DLD Global N.V, they are incorporated under the laws of Curacao.

The Yoniclub – Earn free rewards

On Yonibet you can become part of the yoniclub and earn a VIP-status. When betting on casino, E-sports, or sports betting with real money you accumulate yonicoins. These yonicoins are given to you while betting. This process goes automatically while you play so there is nothing you need to activate or do. While earning yonicoins you can safe up and by doing so you can be titled a VIP-status that grants you access to amazing rewards. You can also spend your yonicoins in a special store they have on their website, the so called “yonistore”. Your VIP-status will automatically be assigned to you the following month. There are six different ranks, namely:

  • Bronze status – 200 yonicoins
  • Silver status – 500 yonicoins
  • Gold status – 2500 yonicoins
  • Platinium status – 10.000 yonicoins
  • Diamond status – 30.000 yonicoins
  • Master status – 300.000 yonicoins


All of these different ranks will be explained thoroughly, because they all have their own benefits.
We will give you an example on how it works to obtain a status. Imagine that you got a total of 400 yonicoins in the month of May from your bets on casino and sports. The next month, June, you will then be assigned the bronze status. Having this bronze status make you enjoy all the rewards that are offered for this status during the month of June. Your VIP-status is assigned to you considering the rank in which you were the previous month and the yonicoins you have earned while playing this current month. So your rank is not decided by the amount of yonicoins you have in total. Your total amount of yonicoins is always available to spent in the yonishop. Purchasing something does not influence the monthly status. The spent amount of coins still count for your rank of the following month. Your yonicoins will disappear if you have been inactive for six months. You are considered inactive by not gaining more yonicoins during six months.

An explanation of the different ranks:

Bronze status

The bronze status is the first rank within the yoniclub. It is the beginning of your adventure on and a recognition of your betting on this innovative casino and sportsbook.
To obtain the bronze status you must have earned 200 yonicoins during the previous month.
Obtaining this bronze status means that you are rewarded with 50 free spins on a slot machine that is made by the provider Netent. You can easily find slot machines that are made by Netent if you just select the provider button between the casino games. Besides that, this rank allows you to withdraw €15.000 over the month.

  • You need to have obtained 200 yonicoins (during the month)
  • Get 50 free spins on Netent slot machines
  • Allows you to withdrawal a total of €15.000 over the month


Silver status

The second status within the yoniclub is the silver one. This rank is earned when a player has obtained 500 yonicoins during the previous month. Making it to this rank means you have shown determination and hard work on Yonibet. This involvement does not go unnoticed and therefore Yonibet likes to give its players a nice reward. Players who reach the silver status get rewarded 150 free spins on slot machines made by provider Netent. Also the limit of the monthly withdrawal is raised to €17.500 over the month. As you see, the more you bet, the more you win, the more you withdraw.

  • You need to have obtained 500 yonicoins (during the month)
  • Get 150 free spins on Netent slot machines
  • Allows you to withdrawal a total of €17.500 over the month


Gold status

The third status within the yoniclub is the golden one. How nice does that sound, right? Imagine being able to say you have got a gold status on Yonibet. It does not only sound nice, it also comes with great rewards. This golden rank is achieved by getting more than 2500 yonicoins over a month. Getting here makes you part of a special group of Yonibet people. Special people deserve special rewards and therefore all gold status players get 5 percent cashback. As if that is not something nameworthy on its own, you also get 300 free spins on slot machines made by provider Netent and the withdrawal limit is raised to €25.000.

  • You need to have obtained 2500 yonicoins (during the month)
  • Get 300 free spins on Netent slot machines
  • Get 5% Cashback
  • Allows you to withdrawal a total of €25.000 over the month


Platinium status

The only way is up, isn’t it? When you have moved on from gold, the next stage is the platinium status. In order to make it to the platinium status you should have obtained 10.000 yonicoins during the previous month. On Yonibet, the platinium status is part of the three most valued ranks. That is why the rewards are extraordinary! When making it to this rank you will get a 7 percent monthly cashback, 500 free spins, just like before, available to use on Netent slot machines. But also your monthly withdrawal is raised to a maximum of €50.000. The more dedication you show to Yonibet, the better their rewards are in return.

  • You need to have obtained 10.000 yonicoins (during the month)
  • Get 500 free spins on Netent slot machines
  • Get 7% Cashback
  • Allows you to withdrawal a total of €50.000 over the month


Diamond status

If you think it can’t get crazier with the rewards, you haven’t seen the diamond status yet. Making it to the diamond status makes you a very special VIP on the Yonibet website. Staff will be happy to give their attention to you and your requests. As a diamond status member it is a high priority for Yonibet to keep you satisfied and they will do their outmost best to make sure you are. To reach this rank, 30.000 yonicoins are to be obtained by you as a player during the previous month. The rewards to this diamond rank are some to keep your eyes open for. 750 spins will be given, to be used on slots provided by Netent. Diamond ranks get 8 percent cashback and again the monthly withdrawal is set, to a maximum of €50.000.

  • You need to have obtained 30.000 yonicoins (during the month)
  • Get 750 free spins on Netent slot machines
  • Get 8% Cashback
  • Allows you to withdrawal a total of €50.000 over the month


Master status

Last, but definitely not least, the master status. The highest rank of them all. The holy grail, if you like. Making it here means everybody would like to be on your spot. As the name already indicates, a master is made to win and there is no other place for a player with this rank than at the top of the casino. You can get to the master status by earning 300.000 yonicoins during the year. Bear in mind the difference here. This is the first and only status that focusses on a complete calendar year instead of just a month. This also means that this status is assigned to you throughout the entire year. That means you are not only master ranked for a month, but for a year. It really is the cherry on top.
That is why the master status lets you enjoy a 12 percent cashback, 1000 free spins and a monthly withdrawal amount of €50.000 maximum.

  • You need to have obtained 300.000 yonicoins (during the year)
  • Get 1000 free spins
  • Get 12% Cashback
  • Allows you to withdrawal a total of €50.000 over the month


Are you ready to earn free rewards at YoniBet? Click here and open your free account and start earning Yonicoins.


When betting on casino, E-sports, or sports betting with real money you accumulate yonicoins. These yonicoins are given to you while betting. This process goes automatically while you play so there is nothing you need to activate or do. A nice extra while you are at it, don’t you think? The yonicoins you earn can be spent in the yonistore. You can easily find this store on the Yonibet website by pressing on the third button (“yonistore”) on the top part of the screen. When you click on it, different categories appear. The different categories you can choose from are:

  • Luxury
  • High-Tech
  • Freebet
  • Freespins
  • Cash bonus
  • Sport


If you select one of the categories and click on “search”, the items in the store corresponding to your chosen category appear. You can also make your selection more specific if you adjust the point range. By doing so you can easily get an overview of the items you have enough yonicoins for to exchange. If you, for example, decide you would like to get something related to sports on the yonistore you simply click on the “sport” button under the different categories. After pressing search you see a football jogging (of your favorite club), a football shirt (favorite club) and a Package VIP : Champions League / World cup, appear. There is a variety of things to choose from, such as a Rolex watch, a Lamborghini Urus, giftcards for free spins and many more.

Different Games at Yonibet has a wide variety of games. By offering you this big amount of games they assure there is something to enjoy for every type of player. Here is a little overview on the different categories they have.

  • Sports Betting
  • E-Sports
  • Aviator
  • Casino
  • Live Casino
  • Mini Games
  • Virtual Sports


The sports betting is, as its name already indicates, focussed on different types of sports.
Covering almost every sport you can imagine. To name a few: Football, Handball, Basketball, Tennis, American Football and so on. You can place your bets on a specific team or result of a match.
Sports betting is organizable for each day. You can choose to see which matches are starting within an hour up to a time frame of 24 hours. Another option is to filter the sports per country, if you are more focussed on sports in one specific country. Yonibet also offers you statistics about the competition or previous results, this makes it easier to get an estimation on which team or player has a bigger change to win.


E-sports stands for electronic sports and are focussed on competitions using video games. Yonibet has six different E-sports to bet on. These six E-sports are:

  • Counter-Strike
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Rainbow 6
  • Starcraft


When you press on one of the E-sports it shows the option to “open”. By doing so, an overview of upcoming or ongoing matches are displayed on your screen. When you for example open the League of Legends page, you will get to see calendar for the League of Legends world championships. Just like other sports, you have the option to check statistics here as well.

Aviator is a new mini game where you have to guess on which point the plane takes off its flight.

There are a lot of different casino games, in a wide variety of styles. In total you can choose between 2994 different games. This big amount of casino games are a guarantee that there is something of your taste. There are 51 different providers of these games, such as Netent, Spribe, Betsoft gaming, etc. The games vary from slots, video poker, table games to roulette and many more. Enough to keep you entertained, that is for sure!

Live casino is another way of playing on Yonibet. With a total amount of 395 live games there are enough options to choose from. The different options on live games are endless, because you can play from monopoly to roulette. The live games offered on Yonibet come from 9 different providers. To name a few; Betgames, Lucky Streak, VivoGaming, etc. You can find the different providers easily when you press the provider button after selecting “live casino”.

Mini games

If you feel like it is time to change things up a bit and play some mini games, you can try your shot on the eight different ones available on Yonibet. The eight minigames you can choose from are:

  • Plinko
  • Goal
  • Keno
  • Aviator
  • Mines
  • Mini roulette
  • Dice
  • Hi Lo


Each adding their own share of fun to the variety of minigames. As the name indicates, these games do not take a lot of time to play. Might be an interesting distraction from the standard games you already know.

Virtual Sports

The last available game category is virtual sports. In total there are nine different virtual sports you can enjoy. Those nine are:

  • Virtual World Cup
  • Virtual Football League Mode
  • Virtual Football Euro Cup
  • Virtual Football nations Cup
  • Virtual Basketball
  • Virtual Asian Cup
  • Virtual Champions Cup
  • Virtual Dog Race
  • Virtual Horse Race


For the virtual dog race you can for example place your bets on a specific dog of your preference and then witness a virtual race. Try and see if the dog you have placed your bet on can finish first.

Why you should play on Yonibet

  • Large variety of games
  • Easy access website (easy to find what you are looking for)
  • Great bonuses
  • Earn Yonicoins just by betting
  • Gain a VIP-status for big rewards
  • Yonistore with amazing gifts
  • Easy to register
  • Fast Withdrawals (maximum 24 hours, usually faster)
  • Chat or E-mail service that responds within 24 hours
  • Site available in 6 different languages
  • Trustworthy website


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Inactive and expired bonuses at YoniBet

We try to keep you up to date with bonuses and promotions at YoniBet. When the casino adds a new promotion or bonus we add it at the top of this page. All expired and inactive bonuses are gathered in this paragraph. We don’t remove these bonuses because we never know if Yonibet re-activates a certain bonus again. On top of that we want to show you what kind of bonuses you can expect when you open an account at YoniBet Casino. When you join YoniBet you can claim the active bonus instantly. The inactive and expired bonuses might come back in your account at a later stage.

At the moment the underneath bonuses are inactive or expired.

Yonibet bonus (Limited Offer) – 200% Bonus up to €500 (*Exclusive) ❌ Inactive

If you are a regular on, you know we always like to have a special offer for you visitors. That is exactly what we have here as well. In collaboration with we have a limited casino launch special bonus. This Yonibet bonus gives you 200% extra on your deposited amount. This 200% bonus has a maximum of €500. To give an example, if you would like to make the most out of this bonus you are to deposit €250, so you can play with €750, as easy as that.
If you are more interested in starting off with a smaller amount like €20, your starting money will be €60. This bonus, as the name indicates, is only limited. Be sure to be in time to take advantage of this Yonibet bonus. The bonus money can be used on live casinos or slots. With having over 2000 slot machines and 395 different live casinos, you will have a big variety of games to enjoy playing on.
The different types of games will be explained further on in this article, make sure to check them out.

How to get this limited Yonibet bonus?

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