Surf Casino Bonus – 50 Free Spins + 300% Bonus on 1st Deposits

surf casino bonus review

Welcome to our review website which gives you honest, reliable reviews on quality on-line casino websites. We promise to be informative, concise and fair. We, just as you do, like a fair deal when we play. We want entertaining, exciting and sometimes exhilarating games that are fun and easy to understand and play. This week the surf is up and we have a new innovative on-line casino whose business premise is to make the gaming experience as straightforward and enjoyable as they can. Today we are going to show and explain the promotions they have on offer. Surf is as it says on the tin connected with everything to do with water.

Their promotions have an ocean theme. The more you play the better the promotions get. This young on-line casino wants you smell the salty air and dive in. The more deposits you make the better the promotion deals become. No surprise there. But is it really worth it? Do you get a better deal as you play more? Well you have come to the right place to find out as we are going to explain, inform and review each promotion they have on offer so you can decide with confidence that this is the online casino site for you. If it’s easy to understand we will tell you so. If it’s not we will also tell you. So, read on fellow players and let’s see if Surf is really worth the ride.

Rest assured we only deal with trustworthy licensed reliable casino sites. We give fair but firm reviews on numerous gaming sites which you can check on our website. Forearmed is forewarned as they say. So, read on my friend as we delve into the deep ocean of Surf Here we go. Surf’s up.

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Surf Casino Bonus – 100% Bonus up to €150 (TUNA) ✔ Active has an enticing welcome package to all new players which entails bonuses at each section. There are four sections in all.  They all have unsurprisingly an underwater theme involving sea creatures. The first of these is the Tuna section.

Surf gives you a 100% bonus when you decide to make your first deposit. If you want to claim this you should make a deposit of 20 Euros or more. The casino doubles your amount automatically. So, for example, if you deposit 50 euro you can play with 100 Euro. The maximum bonus you can receive is 150 Euro. While this is a generous offer, I have seen better in the form of free spins included as well. There is no maximum cash out payment. There are plenty of games to choose from once you have deposited and games coming all the time. You have the potential to win 30 times what you wager. That includes deposit and bonus spins.  This is quite generous. So, if you put 20 cents on a spin you could win 6 euro on one spin.  That’s some return from a small stake! Of course, the bigger the stake the bigger the return.   1 euro spin could potentially win you 30 euro. In anyone books this is a very good return.  All you have to do is put in the code TUNA.

Bonus terms and conditions first deposit bonus

  • 100% Bonus up to €300
  • Minimum deposit – €20
  • Maximum Bonus – €150
  • Wagering – x30
  • Maximum bet – €5 per spin
  • Unlimited cash out on bonuses
  • Surf Casino Bonus Code – TUNA


Open Surf Casino and claim the 1st deposit bonus here.

Other Welcome Bonuses at Surf Casino continues to entice with a juicy bonus on your second deposit. The theme of this bonus is named after that clever and beautiful sea mammal we all know and is called the Dolphin section.

2nd Deposit Bonus – 50% Bonus up to €200 (DOLPHIN) ✔ Active

So, if you decide to make a second deposit Surf Casino will give you a generous 50% bonus on all amounts up to and including 200 euro. So, if you deposit say 50 euro they will give 25 euro absolutely free to play on any game of your choosing. If you deposit 100 euro you will get 50 euro as an added bonus and so on.  What can you potentially win? Well with each wager you make on whatever casino you choose you have the chance to win 20 times whatever you put on. For example, if you choose to wager 20 cent on one spin of the numerous games to choose from you have the potential to win up to 4 euro on the spin. There are many currencies to choose from depending on what suits. Just put in the currency you want when you deposit. And don’t forget to put in the code if you want to avail of this amazing offer. The code for your second deposit is, you guessed it, DOLPHIN.

Bonus Points for Your Second Deposit.

  • 50% Bonus up to €200
  • Minimum deposit – €20
  • Maximum Bonus – €100
  • Wagering – x20
  • Maximum bet – €5 per spin
  • Unlimited cash out on bonuses
  • Surf Casino Bonus Code – DOLPHIN


3rd Deposit Bonus – 50% Bonus up to €200 (SHARK) ✔ Active

Are we enjoying ourselves and do we feel braver? Well Surf Casino continues to entice but this time you are going into more dangerous waters without losing any of your bonuses. Welcome to the section entitled Shark.

The more you play the more you are entitled to receive a bonus and nothing changes for you third deposit as you will receive exactly the same bonus entitlements as you did when you made your second deposit. Now that’s fair. Just to remind you, if you deposit the minimum 40 euro you will receive an added bonus of 20 euro. The larger the deposit the larger the bonus. You also can win up to 20 times your stake. This means, for example, if you wager 1 euro on a spin you could potentially win anything up to 20 euro. You are the shark now. You can choose for the numerous games available and can change games at any time if you tire of you. Saying that, the graphics on all games are quite impressive and entertaining.  Don’t forget the code which of is SHARK.

Bonus points for Your Third Deposit.

  • 50% Bonus up to €200
  • Minimum deposit – €20
  • Maximum Bonus – €100
  • Wagering – x20
  • Maximum bet – €5 per spin
  • Unlimited cash out on bonuses
  • Surf Casino Bonus Code – SHARK


4th Deposit Bonus – 100% Bonus up to €300 (WHALE) ✔ Active

Sticking with all thing’s sea like, we move into deeper waters and as we all know how beautiful the oceans are Surf Casino encourages us to delve deeper with increased bonuses again. What do I mean? Well now you are going into WHALE territory as you make your fourth deposit and to reward you the bonuses increase to previous levels!

So, we return to first deposit levels. This is all good for you.  The bonus returns to 100% meaning if you deposit £50 you will get a bonus of another £50 just for continuing to play. You decide the amount you deposit and Surf Casino will double this amount up to a maximum of 300 euro. The minimum deposit is 40 euro. You can play with this bonus money on any casino game you want and of course you can withdraw your winnings at any time. Withdrawals are fast and efficient.  All the games have a sea theme are fun and entertaining. Don’t forget the code name to receive you bonus is WHALE. Overall, it has to said that this is a fair and quite generous welcoming package allowing more chances to win. Bonus terms and conditions for first deposit. As with all games you can check out their terms and conditions by simply clicking on them.

Bonus terms for Fourth Deposit.

  • 100% Bonus up to €300
  • Minimum deposit – €20
  • Maximum Bonus – €150
  • Wagering – x30
  • Maximum bet – €5 per spin
  • Unlimited cash out on bonuses
  • Surf Casino Bonus Code – WHALE


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Other Surf Casino Bonuses and promotions

Besides a generous welcome bonus you can claim more bonuses and promotions at Surf Casino. In this section you find all active bonuses and Surf casino promo codes.

50 free spins in Dead or Alive II game for 20 euro deposit ✔ Active

surf casino free spins bonus

All these tempting offers still not enticing you to dive in. What if you only want to dip your toe in to test the water? Well Surf Casino have come up with another offer to cater for your needs. For a minimum 20 euro deposit you can earn 50 free spins in Surf Casino’s ‘Dead or Alive II ’ casino game. You can win up to ten times what you wager on one spin which is more than fair to start with. Be careful as you have to bet within seven days. This a fun game from Net Ent. If this game is unavailable in your country, they will put you on Platipus Crocoman, another entertaining game. Don’t forget your bonus code which is DOA2. There is a recommendation to wager a little higher as the returns will be more rewarding.

Surf Casino Promo Code – DOA2

The Wednesday Reload Bonus – 50% Bonus up to €100 ✔ Active

All need to do is deposit on a Wednesday with the code SWELL and you can win up to seventeen times what you wager. You will receive a bonus 0f 50% up to a maximum of 100 euro. This means if you decide on the maximum deposit you will receive an extra 50 euro to play with. If you deposit 20 euro you will receive 10 euro and so on. The minimum deposit is 10 euro or $10 depending on which currency you prefer (others are available). Remember the maximum bet is $5/ 5euro. And guess what folks? You can avail of this more than generous offer on a Friday as well.

Surf Casino Promo Code – SWELL

The Friday Reload Bonus – 50% Bonus up to €100 ✔ Active

All you need to do is deposit on a Friday. The same offer applies so with the code SWELL and you can win up to seventeen times what you wager as well. Again, you will receive a bonus 0f 50% up to a maximum of 100 euro. This means if you decide on the maximum deposit you will receive an extra 50 euro to play with. If you deposit 20 euro you will receive 10 euro and so on. The offers are identical to the Wednesday Reload so if you miss out on one you can always go to the other. Remember the minimum is 10 euro.

Do you really think your luck is in? Well why not try your luck on this.

Surf Casino Promo Code – SWELL

The 10,000 euro Weekly Lottery Draw ✔ Active

Well this couldn’t be simpler. Just sign up and get yourself a ticket and you will be entered into their weekly draw and be in a chance to win a whopping total of 10,000 euro. As easy as that. And to top all that you are also in with a chance of winning a share of 25,000 euro just for playing the slots

The 25,000 Euro Slots Race ✔ Active

This is the Surf Casino’s tournament aptly called the Surf Tournament. All you have to do is play slots and if lady luck is looking at you on that surf board you could share the gigantic prize pool of 25,000 euro!

Open Surf Casino and open a free account today.

Conclusion Surf Casino bonus review

So that’s a review of all that Surf casino have to offer in terms of promotions and offers.  While the bonuses are more than generous, they don’t want seem to want to offer free spins. I haven’t seen it mentioned once. Maybe it something to think about as other sites don’t seem shy in giving this offer. Their main website is attractive in its simplicity and is definitely user friendly. Why overcomplicate matters when you just want to play and have some fun. There a huge range of games to play from with new games being added regularly. So, if one game loses its appeal there are literally dozens more to choose from. I gather the philosophy of this site is ti keep it simple, clean and fun. It certainly looks it. While the offers and promotions are fair they could be a little more enticing but a good casino site overall.

Surf Casino in a nutshell

7.8 / 10 Score
YesLive Casino

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now this casino has a Help Center where you can ask any queries you may have. You can email [email protected] or contact live chat. We are going to answer the most common queries here.


How to open an account at Surf Casino .com?

Opening  an account at Surf Casino is quite simple.

  1. Just click “Sign Up” button at the top right corner of the site and fill in necessary information. 2. Fill in registration.
  2. Fill in your email and password.
  3. Enter your other details and sign up.
  4. Verify your new account.
  5. Login

How do I recover my password?

The easiest way to recover your lost password is to use a link “Forgot Your Password?” after you click “Sign in” button. Fill in your email that was used when you registered at Surf Casino and click “Reset password”. Check your email and follow the instructions to set your new password. If you were unable to reset your password on your own, please contact our support department at [email protected]

Can I register more than one account at Surf Casino?

No, this is strictly prohibited. Creating multiple account by one person can lead to termination of the accounts and suspending of all payouts. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Can I use another currency once I’ve chosen one?

Adding another currency to your account is really simple. Just sign to your account and update your profile info by choosing another currency.


How fast is deposit credited to my account?

Deposits at Surf Casino are instant. If your deposit wasn’t credited to your account, please don’t hesitate contacting our support department at [email protected]

Does Surf Casino charge any fees for depositing?

Surf Casino doesn’t charge any fees by default but depending on your payment method you may be charged a small fee by your payment processor

What are the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts?

Minimum deposit is 10 euro. Minimum cash out is 20 euro.

How long does it takes to cash out?

Surf Casino aims to provide swift and smooth cash outs. All withdrawal request are being processed within 2 hours, however in some cases there might be delays and cash out might take up to 3 hours.


What is the bonus?

Bonuses are extra funds that are added to your account after meeting some requirements, usually first deposit or other promotions. Bonus funds cannot be withdrawn before meeting wagering requirements. For more information see the “Bonus terms” section in our Terms and Conditions 

How can I check wagering requirements on my bonuses?

Sign in to Surf Casino, go to “My account” and click “Bonuses”. Here you will see the information about your active bonuses and their wagering requirements. In case you don’t understand something about bonuses and have some additional questions please feel free to contact our support department at [email protected] or use the Live Chat option on our site.


Are games at Surf Casino fair?

Surf Casino offers games only from a proven gaming provider which are properly licensed and previously been checked for RNG fairness by various gaming commissions. We do not cooperate with any dodgey casino games providers. All our gaming providers as well as Surf Casino itself comply with casino games licensing requirements of Curacao.

Can I play at Surf Casino without real money?

Of course, you can. Almost all of our games are available in a fun mode, which allows you to play without spending any real money. Each time you play in fun mode your account will be credited with fun chips which you can play with.

Casino game doesn’t work when I click on it?

Most likely this is because you are having outdated version of Java or Flash, or don’t have them installed at all. Please visit and to get the latest version of the software. If this doesn’t help, please do not hesitate contacting our support department at [email protected] or via Live Chat option


Is my personal data safe at Surf Casino?

It is safe as never was before. Surf Casino is using cutting edge encryption methods to securely store and transfer data. Your personal details, such as name, address, credit card number and other sensitive information, is under reliable protection. See our Terms and Conditions for more information on privacy and security

Does Surf Casino require account verification upon deposits or withdrawals?

No, that is not necessary in most cases. But, in some cases of suspicious activity, our anti-fraud department might request additional information in order to verify your account.

How can I submit my documents for account verification?

You can upload your documents right to your account after you signed in. Just visit “My account” and “Documents” page and upload all necessary files. The maximum size of the file is 2MB.

How long does it take to verify documents?

Usually your documents start being processed right after you submitted them, but in some cases, procedure may take up to 24 hours. If you wish to know the status of your account verification, you can always contact our support department at [email protected] or chat with us via Live Chat option.

Can you reject my account verification?

Yes, that is a possibility in case your documents do not comply with laws of Curacao. We also might contact you personally or ask for alternative document copies. You can always check the status of your documents at your personal profile at “My account


Is it possible to close my account for certain period of time?

Yes, that is possible. Surf Casino provides a possibility to close your account and then reopen it after certain period of time. If you wish to do so, please don’t hesitate to reach out our support department at [email protected] or contact us via Live Chat.

Can I close my Surf Casino account permanently?

Yes, that is possible. If you wish your Surf Casino account to be closed permanently, please contact our support department at [email protected] or contact via Live Chat. Please note, that in case of permanent account closure, you will never be able to reopen it or create a new account.

You can also chat with support if you prefer this method. Just drop them an email and they will answer you as soon as possible. The following is a statement made by Surf Casino about problem gambling and how they want everyone to play responsibly and within their means.

We at Surf Casino believe that gambling should be fun and free of harm and only done for entertainment purposes. Before you start playing at Surf Casino, it is very important to understand that gambling should never be viewed as a source of any kind of income or recipe to pay off your debts. We strongly recommend you to keep track of how much time you spend playing casino games and how much money you can afford yourself to spend on them

Although recommendations stated above might seem obvious for some of you, there are still certain percentage of players who lose control over such things when playing. If you think you might be one of those players and gambling has negative impact on your life or life of your family and friends, we can suggest you one of the following things:

You can always contact our support department at [email protected] and ask to terminate your Surf Casino account for a certain period of time. After that we will take necessary measures to completely block you from our site and block any promotional e-mails that you might have been receiving from our casino before.

Players are able to set their own custom cooling-off periods. All these settings are available in player’s account after login. Please note that if you are self-excluded from the casino for indefinite period of time, the funds remaining on balance will be paid according to the casino limits. If you are self excluded for a definite period of time, the funds remaining on balance will be paid according to the casino limits only when a period of self exclusion expires.

You can also seek for help from professionals who deal with gambling problems:



In summary this website looks reliable and fun and very easy to use. The enormous range oof games will surely satisfy even the fussiest of gamers. The graphics in most games look quite sophisticated and should entertain the senses. The bonuses are inviting and generous if they may not continue after you fourth deposit. I like the fact it is surf related and they say they want to keep it as light- hearted as possible. They are keeping it positive and you can always dream of the open waves and one day you might be one of those winners that they display at the bottom of their home page. Some win quit the sum of money. Stay safe and happy gaming!

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