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One-armed bandits, fruit machines, pokies, puggy, fruits, slots, poker machines, all different names for the main topic of today’s review and most commonly known as slot games. Probably the most favourite games for the major part of online players are the slot games. Slot games have been around for far over 100 years now but they are still right on top of the list of most played games in the online casino business. Now, why is that? What is so special about these games and why do so many players enjoy playing them so much? On our website you can find many reviews about slot games and bonuses and promotions you can claim to play them. This review is about the Best Slots Bonuses. In this review we will discuss what types of slots bonuses you can find online, which ones are the best and why, how you can claim them, what you can do when you have claimed them, the terms and conditions that come with these Best Slots Bonuses, which players can claim them and much, much more. After you have read this Best Slots Bonuses review you will know all there is to know about these slots bonuses. But first let us show you what we will discuss in today’s Best Slots Bonuses review:

  • The History of Slot Games;
  • Best Slots Bonuses;
  • What kind of Slots Bonuses are there?;
  • How can you claim these Slots bonuses?;
  • What are the Terms and Conditions in need to mind?;

The History of Slot Games

Let’s start off with a little history lesson. Slot games have been around for far over 100 years. In 1891 the first slot machine was created by two men in New York. Sittmann and Pitt created a machine based on the poker game with 50 faced cards. This machine quickly became immensely popular in bars all over the United States. Players could hit two kings for instance and it would earn them a free beer and a royal flush won you a packet of cigarettes. Money wasn’t paid out in these days. That machine is now considered to be the original slot machine and the precursor of all slot games we now love to play online so much. New slot machines were invented and they became more and more complex with different outcomes, combinations and possibilities. Real cash payouts were introduced and the popularity grew even more, as you could imagine. In 1976 the first video slot machine was invented in California. The machine was installed in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and a new era of video slot and gambling altogether was born. This type of slot machine was produced in large numbers taking the gambling industry by storm and changing it forever. As the online gambling industry took off in the 90’s video slots were the go-to game to offer players. As the first online casino went live in 1994, their game portfolio mainly consisted of video slots. Nowadays almost every online casino offers video slot games as the main part of their game selection. And that brings us here today, to this Best Slots Bonuses review.

Best Slots Bonuses

Because (video) slot games are so popular, the bonuses and promotions for Slot games are as well. And that is where we come in. Our team at is constantly looking to find you, our visitors, the best and most generous bonuses and promotions for online casinos all over the internet. Today it is all about the best slots bonuses. Almost every online casino offers their players the possibility to claim bonuses and promotions they can use to play video slots games with. Actually, almost every bonus or promotion is available for slot games. Sometimes these bonuses and promotions exclude certain game types but seldom are slot games excluded. But what are the Best Slots Bonuses, I can hear you ask. Well, that depends on what you are looking for in a bonus or promotion. Are you looking for exciting gameplay? Are you after the highest return on your ‘investment’? Are you after easy to complete wagering requirements? Or are you simple looking to win a life changing amount of real money? All these options are possible, if you choose the right bonus type. There are so many different types of bonuses and promotions each offering you a specific kind of reward or prize. So, to find out your Best Slots Bonuses you need to know what you are after. And that brings us to the next aspect. What kind of bonuses and promotions are there for slot games?

What kind of Slots Bonuses are there?

There are many different kinds of bonus types available for players to claim and use on slot games. Every online casino creates their own set of bonuses and promotions mix, but they all offer the same type of bonuses and promotions eventually. They can change the values and the numbers or amounts, but basically all these different bonuses and promotions you can find online are part of the following bonus type we will now shortly explain to you in this paragraph.

  • Free Spins Bonuses
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • Welcome Bonuses or Welcome Bonus Packages
  • No-Deposit Bonuses
  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Cashback Bonuses
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Sticky and Non-Sticky Bonuses

Free Spins Bonuses

Maybe our favourite when it comes to the best slots bonuses is the free spins bonus type you can find at a lot of online casinos these days. With a free spins bonus an online casino gives away a number of free spins on a specific video slot game. These free spins can be used on a video slot game selected by the online casino giving away the bonus. The objective is to hit as many paylines as possible and maximize your winnings from these spins. Sometimes the winnings are capped at a maximum amount but a lot of times these winnings can be unlimited. You can receive these free spins as a bonus for signing up or registering at some new online casinos, or as a part of a welcome bonus. Free spins are also given away as a prize for tournaments or as an exclusive bonus if you use a specific link, from a website like ours for instance. Sometimes free spins are given to players as a part of a VIP or loyalty programme and at some deposit bonuses you can also claim them together with a match bonus. Free spins are a very frequent bonus you can find at most online casinos. Free spins bonuses, because they are intended specifically for video slot games, are our absolute favourite when it comes to the best slots bonuses available today!

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Exclusive Bonuses

When it comes to exclusive bonuses we at are specialists. We frequently arrange exclusive deals together with many online casinos and look for the ultimate bonuses for our visitors. Together with these online casinos we design a bonus that only visitors directly from our website can claim. You have to use the link or bonus code from our website to claim these exclusive bonuses. If you go to an online casino’s website directly these bonuses and promotions aren’t available. These exclusive bonuses can vary in rewards and benefits as they are designed from scratch each time. Almost every time these exclusive bonuses can be used on slot games. Be it via free spins or a match bonus where you receive a certain percentage on top of your deposit. It can be a welcome bonus, a sign-up bonus with free spins or even a no-deposit bonus. With a no deposit bonus you get free spins for instance, without having to make a deposit just yet. All these bonus variations can be used to play your favourite video slot games, This bonus type is immensely favourite by a lot of online players as well as by our team for this exact reason.

Welcome Bonuses

One of the most common and hugely popular bonuses you can find at online casinos these days are welcome bonuses, or welcome bonus packages. A welcome bonus can be any type of bonus offered to new players when joining an online casino. These welcome bonuses are often triggered by making a first, or first few deposits as a new player. All welcome bonuses can be used on slot games and therefore they are high on the list of best slots bonuses. Online casinos often offer a generous welcome bonus to attract new players and lure them to their casino. Mostly these welcome bonuses are deposit bonuses where you receive a percentage on top of your deposit, a match bonus. These percentages can differ of course, even per deposit step. So, for instance, a casino can offer a welcome bonus of 200% up to €500. This means that for every deposit you make up to €250 the casino will double your deposit twice and add it to your account. If you deposit €100, you receive an additional €200 to make it €300 for you to play with. Some online casinos also throw in some free spins on top of this match bonus. Now you have a nice amount of money to play with plus some free spins to play a selected video slot game. These are our favourite type of welcome bonuses as they offer a great value plus an extra dose of exciting game action. Welcome bonus packages are sometimes offered on your first two, three, four or even five deposits. Now you can receive an exciting bonus on each deposit you make as a new player at the online casino.

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No-Deposit Bonuses

Another excellent bonus type and high on the list of best slots bonuses are no-deposit bonuses. A no-deposit bonus is a bonus type for which a player doesn’t need to make a deposit to be eligible to claim it. Almost all no-deposit bonuses can be used to play video slot games and that is what makes them so popular. A lot of online casinos offer new players a no-deposit bonus to attract them to their casino. A no-deposit bonus can be a free on registration bonus, where you get a certain amount of bonus money if you register, sign up, to a new online casino. With this free bonus money you can try out a new casino and find out if they offer everything you look for in an online casino. Simply register for an account and claim the bonus. The no-deposit bonus can also consist of free spins, in that case you receive a bunch of free spins instead of a money bonus. Again, these free spins are to be used on a specially selected video slot game, picked by the online casino. That is the main reason these no-deposit bonuses are on this page of best slots bonuses. These no-deposit bonuses winnings can sometimes be limited to protect the online casino from losing lots of money, but that is not always the case. A lot of these no-deposit bonuses come with an unlimited win and are very exciting because of it.

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Deposit Bonuses

By far the most frequent bonuses you can find at online casinos are the deposit bonuses. Because almost all deposit bonuses can be used to play video slot games, deposit bonuses are also on our list of best slots bonuses from this review today. Deposit bonuses are basically bonuses you can claim when making a deposit at an online casino. And, unlike the welcome bonus or welcome bonus package, these bonuses can also be claimed by players that are not new to an online casino. Deposit bonuses are often money bonuses you get on top of your deposit. Most times it is a certain percentage described in the bonus you can claim. So, for instance, a 100% up to €200 deposit bonus will get your deposit doubled up to a maximum of €200. So if you deposit €100, you receive an additional €100 to make it €200 to play with. When making a deposit of €200 you receive the maximum bonus of €200 to make it a total of €400 for you to play with. Deposit bonuses can also come with extra free spins on top of this match bonus. Now you receive the money bonus plus a certain amount of free spins on a specific video slot game selected by an online casino. These deposit bonuses can be claimed on all deposits that are eligible according to the rules of the specific deposit bonus. So they are not available for the first or second deposit as a new player but for every deposit that meets the bonus’ terms and conditions.

Cashback bonuses

A less common bonus but still a bonus you will find at some online casinos is the cashback bonus type offered to players that have lost money in a certain period. These online casinos offer their less lucky players a chance to regain some of their lost funds via these cashback bonuses. A cashback bonus is most often a money bonus where players receive a percentage of their losses back into their casino account. The amount of cashback you receive depends on either your VIP or loyalty programme level, the total deposits made, or the amount of money you have lost over a certain period of time. The cashback percentage you can receive changes according to these factors named above and they can range anywhere from 0% up to 25%. So, as you can see, it can really be a considerable amount of real money you can earn back with these bonuses. These Cashback bonuses can be given away as a wager free bonus, as free cash or they come with a set of wagering requirements. As most of these bonuses can be used on video slot games they deserve to be mentioned on this best slots bonuses page.

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Reload Bonuses

Another interesting bonus type in this best slots bonuses review is the reload or restack bonus. A lot of online casinos offer their players the opportunity to reload their casino account with a nice bonus. Often these reload or restack bonuses are claimable on certain days or during a certain timeframe. You can claim these reload bonuses on Mondays for instance or during the weekend from Friday to Sunday. Then they are called Monday Reload Bonus or Weekend Reloader Bonus etcetera. Often they are simple deposit bonuses, as described above, but basically they can be any kind of bonus type. Some online casinos throw in extra free spins on top of your money bonus and sometimes you can get a wager free extra prize. As these bonuses can all be used on slot games they are described here on this best slots bonuses page. We advise you to claim these reload or restack bonuses when making a deposit to your account as they can add up nicely and earn you a generous extra stack of funds or free gameplay action!

Sticky and Non-Sticky bonuses

Not really a bonus type but more a bonus feature is the sticky versus non-sticky bonus aspect of a bonus. The most regular and most often used bonus type is the sticky bonus. With a sticky bonus, your deposit amount and the money bonus you receive from a certain bonus you have claimed are stuck together. Hence the name: sticky bonus. You have to fully wager the money bonus with this bonus type before you are able to cash out your winnings to your personal bank account. Every bonus comes with a certain wagering requirement you need to complete in order to be able to cash out the winnings. You can’t make a withdrawal, not even from the real money part of your online casino balance until this wagering process is completed successfully. With the non-sticky bonus type this is not the case. A non-sticky bonus is a bonus where your deposit amount and your money bonus amount you receive from a certain bonus are kept separately. Both amounts are kept in separate parts of your online casino balance where you can monitor them closely and see what you are up to. With these non-sticky bonuses you can withdraw your part of the funds, the deposit amount, at all times as long as you haven’t touched the money bonus. This can give you a major advantage if you have claimed a bonus, win a nice big amount when playing at the online casino and you want to cash out before wagering the bonus completely first. You can now forfeit the bonus money and withdraw your winnings and the original deposit without any restrictions. If this would have been a sticky bonus, you would first need to fully wager the bonus money, risking to lose your big winnings in the process. A disadvantage from this non-sticky bonus type is the fact that you can only start to wager your bonus money part of your balance after you have finished the funds from your deposit amount. The second disadvantage from non-sticky bonuses is that they usually aren’t as generous as sticky bonuses. But altogether the advantages of non-sticky bonuses outweigh the disadvantages they have on sticky bonuses. It’s unfortunate they are quite rare.

What is a non-sticky casino bonus?

These are all the types of bonuses and promotions you can run into when searching for the best slots bonuses. All of the bonus types mentioned above come with a set of specific bonus terms and conditions. Make sure you check these terms and conditions carefully before you claim any bonuses. All these bonuses and promotions also come with a set of wagering requirements. Make sure you check them carefully as well as they instruct you on what you need to do to be able to cash out any winnings from these bonuses and promotions.

How can you claim these Best Slots Bonuses?

Now that we have shown you all the different bonus types there are, it is time for you to find out how you can claim these best slots bonuses. Different bonuses require different ways to claim. Obviously a welcome bonus can only be claimed if you are a new player to an online casino. In order to claim these bonuses you need to select a welcome bonus, by picking one from our website, and register for a new account. Once you have done this, you can claim the welcome bonus on your first deposit or deposits. A free spins bonus, as a sign-up or free on registration bonus, can be claimed by registering for a new online casino as well. This also counts for a €10 or €15 free on registration bonus for instance. All you need to do is use the link on our website to go to the online casinos website and activate the bonus by signing up for a new account. The bonus spins or money bonus will be added into your online casino account when completed successfully. No-deposit bonuses, depending on the kind you pick, work the same. Use the link on our website to be eligible for the bonus and follow the instructions on the website of the online casino. As a player from a casino you have earlier signed up for, you can claim the deposit bonuses and reload bonuses by going to their promotion or bonuses page or use the link on our website from a bonus you are interested in. Activate the bonus by following the instructions for these bonuses. Cashback bonuses are often automatically added into your online casino account when you meet the specific rules attached to these bonuses. Finally, to claim the exclusive bonuses, you must use the link or bonus codes we have on our website. If you use the link or bonus code from our website we will automatically redirect you to the online casinos website and activate the exclusive bonus for you. If you go to the online casino’s page directly you will not receive these exclusive bonuses. So, to sum it up, here is how to claim these best slots bonuses by each bonus type:

  • Welcome Bonuses or Welcome Bonus Packages: Use the link on our website to go to the online casino and sign-up for a new account
  • Free Spins Bonus: Use the link on our website and follow the instructions
  • No-Deposit Bonuses: Use the link on our website and follow the instructions
  • Deposit Bonuses: Follow the instructions on the promotions page of the online casino
  • Reload Bonuses: Follow the instructions on the promotions page of the online casino
  • Cashback Bonus: These bonuses are normally added automatically when you meet the bonus requirements
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Claim these bonuses only by using the link on our website or by entering the Promo or Bonus Code you received from

What can you do with these Slots bonuses?

These best slots bonuses each have different features as there are many different kinds like we described previously in this review. All these bonuses can be used by players to play video slot games on the website from these online casinos. The best slots bonuses offer the players that claimed them a lot of exciting gameplay and heaps of game action preferable by offering them to play the newest and best video slot games available in the online casino market today. With free spins, exclusive and no-deposit bonuses players can try out new casinos and new video slot games without having to invest in them just yet. And if they are lucky they can win great prizes and even life changing amounts of real cash if they chose to play jackpot slots for instance. By playing these progressive jackpots slots they have a shot at winning record high multi million jackpots. That can turn a simple bonus offer into a life changing event you never could expect would happen to you! So, pick one of your favourite best slots bonuses from our website and see what you can win with it.

What are the Terms and Conditions you need to mind?

Every bonus you can claim at all these different online casinos have specific Terms and Conditions attached to them. So do these best slots bonuses. These terms and conditions are basically the rules you need to follow in order to claim the bonus, to wager it and to cash out any winnings from them. These terms and conditions tell you how to claim a bonus, what the bonus features are and what the wagering requirements are. Make sure you check out each and every bonus’ terms and conditions from every bonus you want to claim. This way you know what you need to do and what you can expect from a certain bonus. Some examples of aspects mentioned in these terms and conditions can be country restrictions, excluded games, the maximum win, the maximum bet, the duration or time limits of a bonus, the wagering requirements, withdrawal limits, excluded payment services, minimum deposit, maximum bonus and much much more. Mostly they also refer to the full terms and conditions of an online casino, which could mean even more sidenotes, restrictions or rules. Make sure you check them all carefully. All bonuses we have reviewed on our website are checked and tested to be fair and have reasonable terms and conditions, wagering requirements and other additional restrictions. So by picking any bonus on our website you are certain of the fact the bonuses and promotions are fair and the wagering is doable within reason. So, if you are ready to claim some of these best slots bonuses, select one from the endless offers we have on our website and use the link to go to the online casino’s website and play these excellent video slot games!

Can all players claim these Best Slots Bonuses?

As we just mentioned in the paragraph above, every bonus or promotion had their own set of terms and conditions. Not only these bonuses have these terms and conditions, countries have them to. They are called rules and regulations. Some countries do not allow their residents to gamble or to claim certain bonuses and promotions. As each country has their limitations, not every player can claim all the bonuses and promotions offered on our website. Find out the rules and regulations of your country or check the T&C on our website or on the website from the online casino to find out if you are eligible for the specific bonus you have your eye on. Besides these country restrictions, online payment providers can also be excluded to claim a certain bonus by an online casino. Because of fraudulent activities in the past some online casinos exclude some payment services from certain bonuses and promotions they offer. This is always mentioned in the bonus description or in the T&C’s of the bonus, so again, check these out before claiming the bonus. Off course age is a limitation as well. No players under the age of 18, the legal age to gamble in most countries, are allowed to claim these bonuses and promotions. As some countries have even more strict age limitations we advise you to check these regulations for your own specific country before claiming a bonus. As some bonuses are only for new players and new accounts, players with a previous account or an ongoing account at an online casino offering these bonuses can be excluded from certain bonuses and promotions. This goes for all welcome bonuses and all free on registration and free spins bonuses that are given out as sign-up bonuses. Let’s sum up these restrictions shortly for you:

  • Countries rules and regulations;
  • Excluded online payment providers;
  • Age limitations (no under 18 gambling, country specific restrictions);
  • New players and new account only bonuses;


That completes our best slots bonuses review. We hope you have now found out all there is you needed to know about these best slots bonuses and how they work. What you need to do to claim them and what specifics to be aware of. What kinds of slots bonuses there are and where you can find them. As we said, we have a whole heap of best slots bonuses available for you to claim and we like to invite you to check out all of them by browsing our website. If you find a bonus or promotion you like, simply click on the link and we will redirect you to the selected casino and activate the specific bonus for you. All you need to do now is get lucky and find out how much you can win with these excellent and best slots bonuses we have for you.

Update and News

To keep you up to date, this Best Slots Bonuses review page is updated frequently so new information about these best slots bonuses will be added over time. Make sure you bookmark this page for future reference so you won’t miss out on any news.

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