Are online video slots reliable?

In the past I played at slot machines in bars, arcade rooms, land-based casinos and at tankstations. Since the early 2000’s it is also possible to play slot machines online. And with the transformation to online gaming the slot machines got better and better. A few years after the first slot machines got available on the internet, the first video slot machines showed up. And nowadays the video slot machines are the biggest attraction at online casinos. The majority of games at online casinos are video slot machines in all kinds of shapes and themes. At video slots you can play online with real money and with the available features you can hit big wins and mega wins when you are lucky. Some video slot machines give you up to 100.000x your bet when you are that lucky player. I can imagine that you wonder yourself the next question, Are online video slots reliable?

On this page I am going to give you my personal opinion about online video slots, I am going to show you a few nice video slots and I will tell you how you can see if a video slot game (or a casino) is reliable.

Video Slot Introduction – What are video slot machines?

Before we continue with reliability information I will tell you a bit more about Video slot games in general. When you visit an offline casino you find an area with slot machines. A huge part of those machines is video driven. In the past the slot machines had actual real reels. Those reels spinned everytime you pressed the “play” button. At video slot machines the reel is replaced for a video screen with digital reels. On the video screen you see digital reels spinning when you press the play button. The video slots look fancier than the oldskool slot machines with real reels. And with digital screens it is possible for suppliers to add moving features and animations. The features and animations make the video slot games more attractive for players.

99% Of the available video slots offer you a few features or bonus games. And those features make the games fun and give you the extra thrill while playing them. In the underneath image you see a screenshot of a popular video slot game. This is Fairytale legend powered by NetEnt gaming. As you can see this is an animated slot machine with 5 digital reels. At the bottom of each video slot you can set your bet amount, bet level and other betting options. Most video slot machines have a minimum bet of €0,20 per spin and maximum spins amounts can raise up to €500 per spin. Yup that is for the real high rollers with serious amounts of money on their bank account.

reliable video slot machines

At most video slot machines you need to trigger a number of Scatters (prize symbols) to activate a bonus game or a bonus feature. Bonus features are the way to win big amounts of money. When you are lucky and you are in a streak you can hit bonus feature after bonus feature and win up to 100.000x your bet amount. Don’t stare yourself blind at getting a bonus game. When a video slot doesn’t give you a bonus game within a reasonable amount of time I recommend you to stop and try another game.

Video Slot machines have huge amounts of pay lines. On each pay line you can win money. before you start playing you can see how many winlines a certain video slot has. Simply click the info button inside the game to see all video slot information.

Where can I find and try the best video slot games?

It is very important to play video slots at online casinos that are safe and reliable. When you play at reliable online casinos you can be 100% sure that the online video slots are reliable also. All the casinos you find on our website are reliable and they all offer reliable online video slot machines. Before you can play reliable video slot games you need to sign up at an online casino. Signing up at an online casino is super simple and it is always free of charge. You can not play video slot games with real money when you don’t have an account at an online casino.

After you signed up at a casino (please choose one from the underneath table) you are allmost ready to start playing. In the underneath table you find a few casinos (one casino and Lapalingo) where you receive €10 free to try a few reliable video slots. There are no strings attached at these casinos. Straight after you joined them you are ready to try a few video slots with your €10 free play money.

Videoslots casinoVideoslots
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100% Bonus
Perfect online casinoNot availableVideoslots Casino
N1 CasinoN1 Casino50 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsN1 Casino
Wildz CasinoWildz Casino€500,- Bonus
200 Free Spins
Perfect online casino-Play at Wildz
One casinoOne Casino€10 Free Cash
100% Bonus
Perfect online casino€10 FreeOne Casino
Unique CasinoUnique Casino€10 Free
100% + 20 Spins
Perfect online casino€10 FreeUnique Casino
Gate 777 CasinoGate 777€1000,-
100 Spins
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsGate 777 Casino
Jonny Jackpot CasinoJonny Jackpot50 Free Spins
100% Bonus + 100 Spins
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsJonny Jackpot
Playgrand CasinoPlayGrand 50 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsPlaygrand Casino
Dunder CasinoDunder50 Free Spins
100% Bonus + 100 Spins
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsDunder Casino
Trada CasinoTrada Casino50 Free Spins
150% Bonus
Perfect online casino50 Free SpinsTrada Casino

Are online video slots reliable?

Are online video slots reliable at online casinos?

Before you start playing I can imagine that you have the following questions: Are online video slots reliable? Are video slot payouts fair?. It is actually very easy to check if a video slot is reliable. When you check the following criteria you can be sure that the video slots are reliable.

  1. Is the casino where you want to play reliable and safe?
  2. Are the available video slots powered by international regulated game suppliers?
  3. Is the video slot running on the server of the game supplier (not on the server of the casino)
  4. Does the casino have hand-made video slot games?

In the following paragraphs I am going to explain a bit more about the criteria. When you check these criteria before you start playing you are safe and you won’t get screwed during gambling.

Is the casino where you want to play reliable and safe?

As mentioned earlier in this blog, it is important to play at reliable online casinos. When you find an online casino you want to try, because it offers a great welcome bonus, you need to check the internet first. Check if this casino is reliable or not. When the casino you want to try is on our website you are safe because the casino reliable when it is on this website. If you are still not sure you can check other online casino portals for their opinion. If 3 different portals say that the casino is reliable you can be 100% sure that the casino is reliable.

At reliable online casinos all the online video slots are reliable also because the casinos are checked frequently. Online casinos with licenses are regulary checked by the international gaming authorities. The authorities check the payouts, the security, the game providers and the payout average for each video slot and casino.

When a casino changes the payouts and the regulators see it, they will lose their casino license. The casino has to close in that case.

When a casino is safe and reliable in 99% of the cases the video slots are also reliable.

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Are the available video slots powered by international regulated game suppliers?

Video Slot machines are, in general, not build by the online casinos. There are game suppliers that are specialised in creating and building the best games. And these suppliers offer online casinos to use their games. That is why at most casinos you find games from different suppliers. There are a few casinos like that offer a huge amount of games because they have games from allmost every supplier. The suppliers arrange everything for the casinos and the suppliers are frequently checked by the international gambling authorities. The casinos pay a small fee for each spin a member makes at the video slot. For game suppliers it is very interesting when they are added to the bigger online casinos. The casino does the marketing and the supplier receives a percentage.

With all the legal stuff going on in different countries and markets the regulators are very strict on the reliability of the online casino games. So when you play a game that is powered by one of the underneath suppliers you can be sure that it is safe and fair.


reliable video slots suppliers

Is the video slot running on the server of the game supplier (not on the server of the casino)

Online video slots are for 99% provided by external game suppliers. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, online casinos use games designed and built by regulated suppliers. And the games always run on the servers of the game supplier and never on the server of the casino. In the past a few online casinos pirated video slots by copying them to their own servers. It looks like you are playing a regulated game but you are actually playing a Pirated game.

When a casino runs games (a copy of a game) on its own server, it can manipulate the pay out percentage of the game. This means that they lower the pay out percentage for their players and for every euro played they earn more in their own pockets. They don’t have to pay the fee to the supplier and they pay out a lower percentage to you as a player. This is 100% fraud and the casino that use to do this are now closed. Owners of those casios are behind bars for a long time.

If you have a doubt about a casino. When you think a game could be pirated, you can look at the url where the game is running on. Or you can check the source of the game. Click right mouse button and view source. Here you can see if the game runs on the server of the supplier or on the casino server.

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Does the casino have hand-made video slot games?

99% Of the regulated online casinos only offer games powered by regulated game suppliers (mentioned above). But there are a few casinos that have uniwue casino games. In that case a casino buys a game from a supplier or they have own tech guys that build a video slot. There are suppliers where you can buy an exclusive license on a certain game. In that case the casino is the only casino that can offer that game to their players. And you will never find this game at a different casino.

Let me give you a few examples of exclusive games at online casinos

  1. One Casino offers over 50 unique video slots (powered by inside out nv)
  2. BetVictor casino offers an exclusive Liverpool FC video slot because they are the clubs official betting partner
  3. LeoVegas hs a number of slots built exclusively for them
  4. At PokerStars you find The Millionaires Slot machine

when a casino offers hand-made games this is not a guarantee that those games are reliable. Always check if the casino is a reliable casino and if there are reviews of the hand-made game. When a hand-made game is built by a regulated supplier you can be sure that the online video slot reliable.

My favorite reliable online video slots

As a regular player I have a few reliable video slots I love to play. Every week we play online video slots that are reliable at the office. Together with our team we play new games but also old games. We play the new games to check them out and to review them. The old games are interesting because we just love to play them and we like to have luck when we play them. I want to share my top 10 of favorite online video slots with you. Maybe you can try them when you join one of the casinos with a no deposit bonus or with a free spins bonus.

  1. Glitz – powered by WMS Gaming
  2. Monopoly on the money – Powered by WMS Gaming
  3. Fairytale Legend Red Riding Hood – Netent Gaming
  4. Joker Pro – NetEnt gaming
  5. Montezuma – WMS Gaming
  6. Lucky Wizard – Red Tiger Gaming
  7. Danger High Voltage – Big Time Gaming
  8. Raging Rhino – WMS Gaming
  9. Book of Ra – Novomatic
  10. Starburst – NetEnt

As you can see I have 4 games powered by WMS gaming in my top 10. WMS Gaming offers casino games with the best bonus features. They deliver games with low quality designs but their pay outs are amazing. With a bonus feature you can simply win up to 1.000x your bet amount. And some of them have a few interesting bonus games like Glitz and Monopoly on the money.

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Conclusion – Are online video slots reliable

We can conclude that 99% of the available video slot machines at online casinos are reliable. Please be sure you play at a safe casino. Only play at casinos we recommend. All video slots at those casinos are safe and reliable. So you can make real money deposits and play games with fair payouts. You can always try a few video slot games when you join a casino with €5 free play money. In the underneath table you find casinos that give you €5 free when you join them. There is no deposit needed and you can win real money at the casino with the free play money.

One casinoOne CasinoSPECIAL OFFER;
€10,- Free
Perfect online casino-One casino
Energy CasinoEnergy Casino€ 5,- Free Cash
Perfect online casino-Energy casino
Campeon casinoCampeon€ 5,- Free CashPerfect online casino-Campeon Casino
Karamba CasinoKaramba€ 5,- Free CashPerfect online casinoBBC5Karamba Casino
LuckyDino casinoLuckyDino€ 5,- Free CashPerfect online casino-LuckyDino casino
lv bet casinoLV Bet€ 5,- Free CashPerfect online casino-LV Bet Casino
ls bet casinoLSBet€ 5,- Free CashGood online casinoBBCasinos5LS Bet casino
Dunder CasinoDunder€5,- Free (Starburst)Perfect online casino-Dunder Casino
Betzest CasinoBetzest€ 5,- Free
100% Bonus
Good online casino-Betzest Casino

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